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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"Back to the Grindstone"

Well folks, I'm back to the daily grind again. Kelli was here for the weekend -- an extended weekend, actually. But now that she's home again to the north, I'm settling back into work, marketing, designing, that sort of thing.

Kelli came down last Thursday night. She had off of school on Friday (aka, no teaching), so, she wanted to come down on Thursday, since it was my 30th birthday. We enjoyed a steak and lobster dinner at Red Lobster on Thursday. We visited a few stores and put together wedding registries later in the weekend. We watched a few movies, played Guitar Hero with my roommate Scott, and enjoyed an overall lazy few days together. By Monday afternoon (another no-teaching day for her), she was on her way back north again to Brillion, and I was settling in for business as usual.

Our next visit together will be the weekend of March 13th. I'm heading north to Brillion (by Greyhound bus) for that one. And in four and a half months... she and I will be married. Very exciting stuff! Anticipation. Lots and lots of anticipation!

So... long story short, good weekend. Relaxed. Fun. Enjoyable.

Here's hoping YOUR weekend was a blessed one as well. Now that I'm back to work, it'll be blogging again as usual. Stick around. There'll be a lot of things happening in my end of the world over the next few months. I'll write about them here on my blog... or on my Facebook page. Come be a fan!


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