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Monday, September 16, 2013

"One World Trade Center Time-Lapse"

From out of the ashes and debris, New York City rebuilt an icon.

On September 11, 2001, the World Trade Center was destroyed. Over the past nine years, One World Trade Center (also known as the Freedom Tower) rose from that debris and destruction. Standing at a symbolic 1,776 feet tall, the new building is the tallest in the Western Hemisphere. A webcam company recorded the entire construction process, and, using hundreds of thousands of high-definition images, compressed the entire iconic construction project into a two minute video.

Click play above, and watch as the Freedom Tower rises above New York, from 2004 to 2013. It's a compelling example of determination, progress, and the Human spirit. Enjoy!


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"Typographical Looney Tunes Characters"

Here's something extraordinarily creative that I think you'll enjoy: Canadian artist, Aaron Campbell, recreated 12 classic Loony Tunes cartoon characters using only fonts, letters, numbers and punctuation. Each typographical character came out looking fantastic! Take a look!


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Saturday, September 14, 2013

"Just One Letter: Television Shows That Never Were"

Last night, there was a fun little hashtag trending on Twitter: "#Add1ExtraLetterToATVShow" -- It was, quite simply, a collective challenge for Twitter users to add one letter to the title of a television show, and see what fun alternate titles might result.

For example, I tweeted the following alternate title:
  • "Stare Trek" -- To boldly stare where no one has stared before.
Here are some of my favorite alternate television show titles as posted by other Twitter users. Clear proof that one letter really *does* make a difference. You'll probably recognize the original titles. Feel free to envision what what kind of shows these alternate titles might be like!
  • Swipeout
  • Scooby-Dood
  • Hanger Management
  • Saved By the Belly
  • Mrs. Rogers Neighborhood
  • Days Off Our Lives
  • Poke, Moan
  • Family Freud
  • Married Witch Children
  • Bard Rescue
  • Diners, Drive-ins and Divers
  • Who Wants To Bed A Millionaire
  • Re: not 911!
  • Sparks & Recreation
  • The Thin Blue Linen
  • Call My Children
  • Person of Pinterest
  • Once Upon A Timex
  • Family Tires
  • Pimp My Bride
  • 23rd Rock From The Sun
  • 360 Minutes
  • The Flying Noun
  • Saturday Night Liver
  • The Mood Squad
  • The Clone Ranger
  • The Irony Chef
  • The A-1 Team
  • Shell On Wheels
  • This Mold House
  • Father Knows Beast
  • American Dead
  • Joust The Ten of Us
  • Chicago Fired
  • Just Shoot Men
  • Thundercarts
  • Growing Palins
  • Crops
  • 30 Rocks
  • Stop Gear
  • Mead Men
  • American Picklers
  • The AA Team
  • American Midol
  • So You Think You Can't Dance
  • Dial Me For Murder
  • Nice Road Truckers
  • U.L.O.S.T.
  • Jersey's Whore
  • Songs of Anarchy
  • Y'all In The Family
  • Growling Pains
  • Eighty Is Enough
  • Stop Chef
  • Kreeping Up With The Kardashians
  • The OCD
  • Texas Just Rice
  • Breaking Bald
  • America's Goat Talent
  • Dr. Whom
  • HER
  • The Latte Show
  • Foxy News
  • G.I. Joel
  • Miss Lion: Impossible
  • Battlestar Galacticat
  • Clooney Toons
  • Babywatch
  • Shaving Hope
  • Mad X-Men
  • Supperman
  • Lawn & Order
  • Better Off Tied
  • The X Factory
  • Spawn Stars
  • Least Man Standing
  • Rulers of Engagement
  • Bratman
  • Merlina
  • The Router Limits
  • Project Runaway
  • Two Broken Girls
  • Lost in a Space
  • What Not To Swear
  • 116 & Pregnant
  • Malcolm X in the Middle
  • Man vs. Flood
  • Chill Street Blues
  • Dancing With The Stairs
  • Downtown Abby
  • 1000 Ways to Dice
  • The Doug Whisper
  • RugBrats
  • The Regal Housewives
  • L.A. Lawn
  • Wife Swamp
  • Lone Life to Live
  • The Vampire Diarieas
  • The Brandy Bunch
  • Knight Raider
  • Whose Linen Is It Anyway?
 And two of my personal favorites:
  • "I Loved Lucy": The tragic follow-up to a classic show"
  • "Newt Girl": Your adorkable amphibian roomie"

Happy weekend everyone!


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Friday, September 13, 2013

"Star Trek: Voyager - The Maquis Series That Never Was"

Here's an interesting question for my Star Trek readers:

What if the television show, "Star Trek: Voyager" had been about the crew of Chakotay's Maquis ship, Val Jean, instead? What if Captain Janeway's USS Voyager was never lost in the Delta Quadrant, and the series followed the story of 21 Maquis -- aboard a small 2-deck Maquis raider -- trying to get home to the Alpha Quadrant? No Federation rules; no fancy technology -- just a 38-year-old ship, a crew that doesn't always get along, and a singular, determined goal.

I think that would have been a fantastic television show!

Well, as it just so happens, there's a Star Trek fan series taking place on Facebook right now that suggests this very idea. In the "UFP: Starfleet Academy" series, the USS Voyager never found Chakotay's Maquis ship in the Badlands. It was forced to give up the search, and was eventually assigned to other missions in the Alpha Quadrant. Meanwhile, Chakotay and his Maquis crew remained trapped in the Delta Quadrant, courtesy of The Caretaker.

The Starfleet Academy series focuses on events in the Alpha Quadrant, namely the years during the Dominion War. However, fans were still curious what the Maquis ship might have experienced in the Delta Quadrant. So, since I happen to be the director/producer of the SFA series, I put together a timeline of Delta Quadrant events (based solely off of the "Star Trek: Voyager" episodes) and attempted to see if -- and how -- Chakotay's Maquis ship might eventually make it back home to the Alpha Quadrant.

What follows is that timeline. It's only a summary of the more notable events (I built my overall timeline episode-by-episode), but it does provide a good imaginative take on a Maquis Delta Quadrant story. Feel free to use your imagination and fill in the details! Does the Val Jean make it back to the Alpha Quadrant?'ll have to read the timeline below and find out!



January 22 -- (VOY: "The Caretaker")

Maquis ship Val Jean (Condor-class) is pulled into the Delta Quadrant by an entity known as 'The Caretaker". The vessel is damaged following an escape from a Cardassian Galor-class warship near the Badlands, as well as the bumpy ride into the Delta Quadrant. They arrive 70,000 light years from Federation space.

The entire crew of 22 individuals is probed by the Caretaker, and then returned to their ship. Engineer B’Elanna Torres is not returned to the ship with the rest of her crew. When questioned, the Caretaker says that she "did not make it through the test". He refuses to say anything more. Of course, we know B'Elanna was actually sent to the Ocampa planet (and most likely dies there as a result of the "disease" given to her by The Caretaker), but Chakotay and his crew never learn this bit of information.

Chakotay and his Maquis crew return to the Val Jean, and begin work on whatever repairs they can muster. They remain in the vacinity of the Caretaker’s array, and assume B’lanna Torres to have died.

Not long later, while conducting repairs, a number of alien vessels arrive near the Caretaker’s array, demanding to be given control of the facility. They refer to themselves as the Kazon. The Caretaker informs the Val Jean crew that he plans to self-destruct his array rather than let the aliens capture it. Val Jean moves a safe distance away,  and the array explodes, taking out (or severely damaging) most of the Kazon vessels.

Chakotay makes the decision to set a course for home – a 70,000 light year journey in an old, damaged Condor-class starship -- with a crew of 21 Maquis.

The original crew of the Maquis vessel Val Jean includes:
  • Chakotay – (Human, male)
  • Ayala – (Human, male) – Chakotay’s first officer
  • B’Elanna Torres – (Human/Klingon, female) – ship’s engineer – KIA
  • Hogan – (Human, male) – engineer
  • Tuvok – (Vulcan, male) – operations/security
  • Kurt Bendera – (Human, male) – engineer
  • Carlson – (Human, male)
  • Chell – (Bolian, male) – ship’s chef
  • Kenneth Dalby – (Human, male) – engineer
  • Doyle – (Human, male) – science
  • Gerron Ral – (Bajoran, male) – science
  • Mariah Henley – (Human, female)
  • Jackson – (Human, male)
  • Jarvin – (Human, male) – operations/security
  • Michael Jonas – (Human, male) – security
  • Jor – (Human, female) – engineer
  • O’Donnell – (Human, male) – security/operations
  • Seska – (Bajoran, female) – science/engineer
  • Ann Smithee – (Human, female)
  • Lon Suder – (Betazoid, male)
  • Tabor – (Betazoid, male) – operations
  • Yosa – (Human, male) -- security
 June 2 -- (VOY: "State of Flux")

Bajoran crewman, Seska dies in an accident aboard a Kazon ship. The Kazon had gotten their hands on Federation technology, and were trying to procure more. Seska was trying to stop them. Of course, we know she's actually a Cardassian, and was trying to cover up her treachery, but here, in this timeline, her Maquis companions never learn the truth. Seska is confirmed dead, although, her body cannot be retrieved from the Kazon ship. The Val Jean manages to escape the area before being overwhelmed by additional Kazon vessels.

August 21 -- (VOY: "Faces")

Jackson is killed while in the captivity of a species known as the Vidians. His organs are harvested by the species and grafted into their own anatomy. O’Donnell dies in an escape attempt. Doyle is successfully rescued by Chakotay and his crew.

November 5 -- (VOY: "The 37's")

The Val Jean discovers a 1936 Earth Ford truck floating in space. An AM radio signal is detected, leading them to a nearby class-L planet. Val Jean lands on the planet and discovers Amelia Earhart from Earth history, as well as her co-pilot and missing airplane. Over 100,000 other Humans – the descendants of Humans taken from Earth by an alien species – are living on the planet. Maquis crewmembers Kenneth Dalby, Doyle, Mariah Henley, Jarvin, and Lon Suder choose to stay on this planet and make new lives for themselves among the Human population. The Val Jean resumes its journey home with a crew of 13 individuals.


May 10 -- (VOY: "Dreadnought")

The Val Jean discovers a pre-programmed Cardassian/Maquis missile  that was also pulled into the Delta Quadrant by the Caretaker. The malfunctioning missile attacks the Val Jean, causing notable damage. It then resumes its course for a planet known as Rakosa V. The missile has misidentified the planet as the Cardassian planet it was programmed to destroy in the Alpha Quadrant. The crew of the Val Jean watch in horror as the missile hits Rakosa V and explodes, killing two million Rakosans. Chakotay and his crew offer to assist, but are driven away by the Rakosans, who believe that the Val Jean fired the missile. The Val Jean leaves the area and resumes its course for home.

June 20 -- ("VOY: "Deadlock")

The Val Jean experiences severe subspace turbulence, and the ship’s meager supply of anti-matter begins to slowly drain away. In addition, the ship is hit by repeated proton bursts from out of nowhere. A special rift opens in the Val Jean’s rear cargo bay. It is soon discovered that there are two Val Jeans sharing the same space – one is severely damaged (our VJ #1), and the other (VJ #2) is undamaged with no casualties. Communication is opened between both ships.

During this ordeal, Vidians attack the undamaged VJ #2, they manage to gain access to the small ship, and begin killing the Maquis crew and harvesting their organs. Alternate crewmember Ann Smithee (from VJ #2) escapes through the cargo bay rift to VJ #1. – Chakotay #2 self-destructs his ship, ripping a gash in the Vidian vessel, and causing it to drift. Val Jean #1 fires on the disabled Vidian ship, destroying it. Alternate Ann Smithee (from VJ #2) remains aboard the Val Jean as a new crewmember. To distinguish herself from her identical counterpart on the Val Jean crew, she chooses to go by the name, Annette Smithee.

August 1 -- (VOY: "Tuvix")

A planet-to-ship transporter malfunction merges crewmembers Jor and the original Ann Smithee into one person. This new Human woman has the memories of both Jor and Ann Smithee. As the Val Jean crew is unable to separate both women, Chakotay allows the new merged woman – who chooses to be known as JorAnne Smithee – to remain aboard the Val Jean as a new crewmember. As a combination of Jor and Ann Smithee, JorAnne is a beautiful, feisty woman, who proves to be rather well liked by the Val Jean crew. The Val Jean continues its journey home with a crew of 13.


March -- (VOY: "The Swarm")

Michael Jonas is killed during an attack by a species known as the Swarm. The Val Jean manages to devise a defense against the Swarm, and escapes their territory.

July -- (VOY: "False Profits")

The Val Jean discovers the Delta Quadrant end of the Barzan Wormhole. Ferengi males, Arridor and Kor attempt to escape back through the wormhole to the Alpha Quadrant, but end up destabilizing it. Desperate to go home, the Val Jean enters the unstable wormhole. Instead of making it back home to the Alpha Quadrant, though, the Val Jean is transported to another area of the Delta Quadrant – this time, only 26,000 light years from home. The Barzan wormhole disappears permanently, and the Val Jean resumes its much shorter journey home.

August -- (VOY: "Dragon's Teeth")

The Val Jean is accidently pulled into a series of subspace corridors owned by a species known as the Turei. Moments later, the Val Jean is pushed out of the corridor by a Turei vessel, and shortly thereafter attacked by that same Turei vessel when Chakotay refuses to submit to their demands.

To escape from the pursuing Turei, the Val Jean lands on an abandoned world once inhabited by another species known as the Vaadwar. Chakotay and his crew discover thousands of active stasis pods in underground caverns, and awaken a Vaadwar male named Gedrin. Gedrin helps disable the growing fleet of Turei vessels in orbit, in exchange for Chakotay’s help in waking up the other Vaadwar in stasis. The Vaadwar and Maquis exchange information, and the Vaadwar – who claim ownership of the ancient subspace corridors -- offer to help the Val Jean use them to get closer to the Alpha Quadrant. Val Jean and many Vaadwar vessels enter the subspace corridors.  Val Jean follows its plotted course, and emerges into normal space 24,500 light years away from home.


The Val Jean answers a distress call from a Hirogen ship, where they find an injured Hirogen male by the name of Hugat. He is treated for his wounds aboard the Val Jean, and later accepted as a member of the crew. The Val Jean crew consists of 13 individuals.


January -- (VOY: "The Void")

The Val Jean encounters a region of space known as the Void, and is sucked in. While inside, they form an alliance with other ships trapped in the region, and eventually escape with supplies stolen from the vessels of an aggressive rival faction.


Yosa is killed in a Hirogen attack. Hugat nearly dies while helping to protect the Val Jean from capture.

March 17

A Borg cube attacks the Val Jean – the only encounter Chakotay and his crew have with the Borg while traveling through the Delta Quadrant. During the attack, Carlson and Kurt Bendera are killed. A temporal rift opens as the result of attack, and the Val Jean is pulled in. The Borg cube is too large to follow. Almost instantly, the Val Jean and her living crew of ten emerge from a temporal anomaly in Federation space (near Vega) known as the “Vega Drainpipe”. Their date of arrival is August 31, 2375. The Val Jean and her crew have traveled a year and a half into their own future – but they are finally home.

August 31, 2375

The ten crewmembers of the Val Jean who return to the Alpha Quadrant are:
  • Chakotay – (Human, male)
  • Ayala – (Human, male) – Chakotay’s first officer
  • Hogan – (Human, male) – engineer
  • Tuvok – (Vulcan, male) – operations/security
  • Chell – (Bolian, male) – ship’s chef
  • Gerron Ral – (Bajoran, male) – science
  • Tabor – (Betazoid, male) – operations
  • Anette Smithee – (Human, female)*
  • JorAnne Smithee – (Human, female)*
  • Hugat – (Hirogen, male)*
(*= individuals added to the original crew)

The bodies of Carlson and Kurt Bendera receive a proper burial on their home worlds.

The Val Jean – originally a Starfleet vessel stolen by the Maquis – is confiscated. Considering the destruction of the Maquis by the Dominion (before the Val Jean returned home), no charges are pressed against the remaining former Maquis crew. In addition, Tuvok is discovered to be a Starfleet officer who had originally been ordered to infiltrate the Val Jean crew. He is allowed to return to Starfleet service. The other former Val Jean crew are allowed to return home as the Federation citizens they once were. Hugat, in appreciation of his Human friends, decides to spend some time visiting Earth.


If you enjoyed this timeline, come check out the popular fan series: "UFP: Starfleet Academy". It's a Star Trek series "re-telling" the Dominion War, but from the perspective of the personnel who work at Starfleet Academy in the Prime Universe. It's a unique, highly detailed, socially-interactive, real-time story series, in which today's date is the same date in the future Star Trek universe. I think you'll like it. Come take a look!


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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

"Remember 9/11"

Twelve years ago, I was a senior in college. I slept in on September 11th because my classes weren't until later in the day. When I woke up, my roommate told me to turn on the news. I did.... and my jaw dropped in horror. I was about to watch the second plane fly into the World Trade Center in new York City. Needless to say, I did not go to any of my classes that day.

Where were you on September 11, 2001?


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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

"Facebook Has Been Killing My Blog"

As many of you know, I am VERY active on Facebook. Daily. Hourly even. I have a number of successful projects going on over there, and I tend to share most of my content from those pages. But the truth is, part of me doesn't like that. I've been a blogger for over eleven years now. I like blogging, I need to find a way to bring this blog back up to the relevancy it once enjoyed.

That said, I think I need to start setting aside some time every day to muse. To think. To ponder. And then to write those thoughts down in blog form. I used to call this blog, "Jon Baas Daily Musings". In recent years, though, it's lost the musings part, and has become more of an "Ooh, this is neat" page. That certainly has an appeal, yes, but the musings -- the musings were the cornerstone of my writing.

So, yeah, I need to back to the basics -- the blogging basics. If you have any suggestions for things you'd like me to post about -- things you'd like to read -- things you'd like to know -- leave a comment, send me an email, or, dare I say.... send me a note on my Facebook page.


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"Most Beautiful Villages Around the World"

These photos of beautiful villages around the world are stunning! Take a look.


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Thursday, September 05, 2013

"The Ghost Bus Tunnel"

Somewhere in a boarded up, abandoned tunnel under the city of Liege in Belgium, there lies a large bus graveyard. Dozens of buses and other public transportation vehicles sit there decaying, covered in dust and darkness. Photographer Richard Huntjens discovered the tunnel, and shared some impressive bus tunnel photos. Take a look!


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Sunday, September 01, 2013

"Star Trek Baseball History: 2013"

It's no secret that I love Star Trek (I'm a big Trekkie!)... and I love the game of baseball (ever since I was a child). I also love finding unique ways to combine the things that I love. Baseball plays a part in the Star Trek universe, yet, within that universe, very little is actually known about the history of the game. We know some basic facts, we know a little about the career of fictional ballplayer, Buck Bokai, but the rest is, well, remarkably absent.

So, that being said, I thought I'd start a fun new project. You're welcome to follow along if you like. I'm going to simulate the entire Star Trek future history of Major League Baseball -- and I'm going to do so with as much realism as possible, courtesy of Baseball Mogul 2014. I'll simulate the seasons one at a time, and then I'll share the basic stats, standings, and milestones from each season right here on my blog.

I'm going to incorporate all of the baseball details mentioned in Star Trek (if it's in Star Trek, it'll be in my simulation!). Then I'll expand upon those details, and simulate a possible history for the final years of baseball in the Star Trek universe. I'll start with the current season (2013), and I'll go until the end of the 2042 World Series. For fun I'll be managing my favorite real-life team -- the Milwaukee Brewers; the computer will handle all of the other teams.

In the end, while my simulation won't be canon to the Star Trek universe, it will be my contribution to the possible Star Trek future. It will also shape background details in my popular Star Trek real-time fan series, "UFP: Starfleet Academy" -- currently playing out on Facebook.

So.... baseball and Star Trek. Sounds like fun! Let's get started!

See Other Seasons -- 2013 // 2014

2013 -- What We Know

In Star Trek, there are no baseball references to the 2013 baseball season. So, this one's open to interpretation. I've pursued it as an alternate simulation of the real-life 2013 MLB season: The Houston Astros have moved to the American League, and players have been appropriately suspended for performance enhancing drug use.

I started the season with the real-life Opening Day rosters, and I've let things play out from there. Each player's performances is derived from real-life talent; on-field gameplay follows an alternate course; injuries show up unexpectedly; team finances are a result of franchise performance.... all that good stuff. As a result, the end of the 2013 season will differ from real life.

2013 -- End of Season Results

World Series:
Detroit Tigers vs. Atlanta Braves -- (4 games to 2)

National League Pennant:
Atlanta Braves vs. Colorado Rockies -- (4 games to 0)

American League Pennant:
Detroit Tigers vs. New York Yankees -- (4 games to 3)

See 2013 Season Standings

NL MVP: -- Alex Presley (Pittsburgh) -- CF
NL Cy Young: --Wandy Rodriguez (Pittsburgh) -- SP
NL Rookie of the Year: -- Nick Noonan (San Francisco) -- 2B

NL Home Run King: -- Tyler Colvin (Colorado); Aramis Ramirez (Milwaukee) -- 38
NL Batting Title: -- Xavier Paul (Cincinnati) -- .361
NL Stolen Base Leader: -- Norichika Aoki (Milwaukee) -- 48
NL Strikeout King: -- Tim Lincecum (San Francisco) -- 229
NL ERA Leader: -- Zack Greinke (LA Dodgers) -- 2.07

AL MVP: -- Albert Pujols (LA Angels) -- 1B
AL Cy Young: -- Blake Beaven (Seattle) -- SP
AL Rookie of the Year: -- Chen Lee (Cleveland) -- SP

AL Home Run King: -- Albert Pujols (LA Angels) -- 39
AL Batting Title: -- Joe Mauer (Minnesota) -- .343
AL Stolen Base Leader: -- Darin Mastroianni (Minnesota) -- 35
AL Strikeout King: -- Chris Sale (Chicago WS) -- 230
AL ERA Leader: -- Blake Beaven (Seattle) -- 2.76

2013 Hall of Fame Inductees -- (players only)
- Deacon White -- 3B -- retired in 1890

2013 Timeline/Milestones

April 26 -- Zack Greinke (LA Dodgers) pitches a no-hitter against the Milwaukee Brewers.
May 1 -- Richard Clayton (San Diego) pitches a perfect game against the Chicago Cubs.
May 7 -- Anibal Sanchez (Detroit) pitches a no-hitter against the Washington Nationals.
June 1 -- Jose Reyes (Toronto) hits for the cycle.
June 4 -- Jacoby Ellsbury (Boston) hits for the cycle.
July 22 -- Ryan Braun (Milwaukee) is suspended for drug use.
Aug. 5 -- Alex Rodriguez (NY Yankees)is suspended for drug use. Appeals. Keeps playing.
Aug. 5 -- Nelson Cruz (Texas) is suspended for drug use.
Aug. 5 -- Everth Cabrera (San Diego) is suspended for drug use.
Aug. 5 -- Jhonny Peralta (Detroit) is suspended for drug use.
Aug. 5 -- Antonio Bastardo (Houston) is suspended for drug use.
Aug. 5 -- Francisco Cervelli (NY Yankees) is suspended for drug use.
Aug. 5 -- Jordany Valdespin (NY Mets) is suspended for drug use.
Aug. 5 -- Jesus Montera (Seattle) is suspended for drug use.
Aug. 5 -- Cesar Puello (NY Mets) is suspended for drug use.
Aug. 5 -- Sergio Escalona (Houston) is suspended for drug use.
Aug. 5 -- Fernando Martinez (Houston) is suspended for drug use.
Aug. 5 -- Fautino De Los Santos (San Diego) suspended for drug use.
Aug. 5 -- Jordan Norberto (Oakland) is suspended for drug use.
Aug. 17 -- Miguel Tejada (Kansas City) is suspended for drug use.
Aug. 18 -- Cord Phelps (Cleveland) hits for the cycle.

See Other Seasons -- 2013 // 2014

If you like Star Trek and baseball, check out these great Star Trek baseball logo designs!

Deep Space Niners Hats and Jerseys London Kings T-Shirts Pike City Pioneers T-Shirts

View more Star Trek designs available at Jon Baas Designs.


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