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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

A Brand Man Brand Development Offer

I need your help.

And I will be giving away some great gifts to anyone who chooses to take the time and assist me.

I am launching a new global marketing campaign for my work, and I'd like to get the ball rolling with friends, family and people that I know. I'd like to open the door to new clients, and new opportunities -- and have a little fun in the process. I'd like to invite YOU to be part of this campaign.

I've been asked, many times, what I do for a living. Surprisingly, not as many people know about my work as I had thought. So, perhaps it's time to introduce my work self....

Hi, you know me as Jon, but I am also known to many as "The Brand Man". I develop professional brands and brand ideas for big companies, small businesses, retail stores, organizations, churches, schools, hospitals, clinics, celebrities, musicians, actors, entertainers, politicians, and more from all over the world. I've helped clients with projects ranging from catchy names for YouTube channels, to emotional identities for non-profit world organizations, promotional imagery for a Country Music star, even campaign brands that have helped politicians pursue and win elections. I help these people and businesses define who they are, so that they can reach the people that need them the most.

To date, I have developed more than 7,000 brands and brand ideas for over 2,000 unique businesses and individuals in 77 countries. I've become quite good at what I do.

You may know me as a relatively quiet and reserved person, but I have had a big impact around the world!

So, that being said, and work introduction aside, here's where I need your help. My new promotional campaign could use some early supporters and investors. But when I say "investors", it probably isn't what you think.

I offer my services on a popular freelance website known as "Fiverr". Fiverr is an online platform where businesses and individuals can find great professional services at prices far lower than the big business firms offer. I help my clients build their brands with basic brand packages starting from $5 to $80. It's what I do for a living.

I'd like to invite you to challenge me with YOUR brand, name or identity request, and thereby help me get my promotional campaign off the ground. I'd like to encourage you to consider investing in my $5 brand development "Sample Package" on my brand service page (linked below). By doing so, you will be helping to add more visibility to that service during this campaign, you open the door for more reviews of my services (from people who know me best), and you help give a new burst of life to what I do best.

Here is my "Brand Man" brand development page.

As a thank-you for helping me, if you choose to invest in that $5 name or tagline brand package -- if you hire me to develop a brand or identity for something -- I will deliver the advanced services of my $40 3-name brand development package INSTEAD of the basic services available in your $5 "Sample Package". You'll be pursuing a $5 investment, but receiving my $40 package worth over $100.

If you place an order, use the keyword "TERRANOVA" in your order details, and you will be instantly upgraded.

In addition, every person who reads this, and chooses to invest in my $5 invitation, will also be able to qualify for my other popular professional service -- logo design (which I've been pursuing for over 20 years). Everyone who uses the keyword "TERRANOVA" in their order (and mentions their name, so I know who you are) will qualify to be randomly selected on Friday, August 11, to receive one free, professional, custom logo design of their choosing (one logo winner only).

I'm looking to kick off my new "Brand Man" brand development service global promotion, and I'd like to be generous in thanking anyone who chooses to help me!

If you need some name ideas for a project you're working on; if you run a business and need a new brand or brand identity for that business (or a product you sell); if you know a business or friend that needs a new brand, tagline or logo; or, if you just want to help me out, and present me with a fun name/tagline challenge, please consider investing $5 in my "Brand Man" offer.

The "Brand Man" brand development service

If you have questions or comments, please share them below. Let's see how far this exciting new campaign can go!


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