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Thursday, May 14, 2015


I have achieved many wonderful things in my life. I have created amazing things out of nothing. I have built popular stories and fictional universes that hundreds -- even thousands -- of people enjoy. I am hugely successful at most of the projects I undertake. I have experienced things others can only dream of. I strive to be respectable, trusted, determined.... remembered. But I am not, nor will I ever be great. I am little. I am tiny. I am a miniscule success story in this world -- in this vast universe -- that I am part of.

God alone is great. And when I consider my own amazing achievements in this life, I am but a single speck of sand on an endless beach compared to what God has engineered. God... is great. I am but a tiny reflection of a tiny part of Him.

I have been wonderfully engineered, from the muscles that give me strength to the unique and complex DNA that makes me who I am. I have been created out of nothing, beginning life as nothing more than cells combining on a microscopic level. I have been given the breath of life, a gift only God can provide. I have been given intelligence and granted the right to choose my own path in life. I have been blessed with wonderful things I could never have obtained without God's wisdom and love. And I have been eternally redeemed from the death of sin I was born with -- a victory only Christ himself could achieve.

I am successful. I may be amazing. But only God is great.

To God be the Glory.


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