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Friday, January 02, 2004

"2003 Weblog In Review"

As the year 2004 has arrived, and 2003 is now but a memory, I've decided to recap this past year, and share some of the highlights with you. It was a memorable year, and one that afforded me a lot of opportunities. So, feel free to sit back, relax, and enjoy the best of the year of our Lord, A.D. 2003 -- Jon Baas style.


The year began with a loss on New Years Day, 2003. My computer died, and with it most of my art files collected during college. For the artist in me, it was a notable blow, but not one I couldn't recover from. Ironically, my dad had been building a new computer for me for Christmas -- a much more up-to-date PC complete with Photoshop and other features useful to the artist in me. The death of my old computer couldn't have come at a better time.

I was able to spend a few hours at home up in Minneapolis visiting for Christmas. Noah (my roomate), Rachel (my sister), and I drove up, and after a short visit, we left Rachel there to stay longer, and Noah and I drove back. It had been a short visit, but none the less enjoyable.

In late January, I found out that my sister Rachel was officially engaged to be married.


I mused much here on my weblog in February. I reflected upon my past relationships and singlehood, my frustrations working in retail, and the challenges searching for a new job.

On February 18 -- my birthday -- I turned 23 years of age.

In the end of the month my parents came down from Minnesota for a visit as well as to see my sister's first directorial debut of her stage production of "The Diary of Anne Frank". The show was very well done, and the visit much enjoyed.

MARCH 2003:

I continued to work at Barnes and Noble. Some days were busy, some boring, some furthered my desire to no longer work there, and then there were days when I learned some interesting titbits of information!

After another long day at work, I mused upon an interesting dream about an old abandoned church. It always makes me wonder where dreams like this come from. Looking back though, maybe it had more meaning than I had thought at the time...

The country boy in me became hooked on "Nashville Star", the country equivalent of "American Idol".

I made the resolution to end my employment with Barnes and Noble. It was time to jump into the unknown.

Operation Iraqi Freedom kicked off the war in Iraq. I voiced my support.

I recieved my first professional commissioned art job. (UPDATE: Since going online in April 2003, this artwork has sold nearly 80 copies, and been the top-selling artwork for company during the end of 2003!)

In a weblog update on March 26th, I mused upon the War in Iraq, and what it meant to me, and noted my thanks to our troops whose job was to defend my freedoms and the freedoms of those around the world.

APRIL 2003:

As I continued to wrap things up in preparating to leave my employment with Barnes and Noble, I noted a few things I learned about the job-searching process.

I completely redesigned my artwork store -- -- in preparation for better things.

In my post on Easter, I had this to say:
"...I tell you, someday, I'll be working behind the camera on things like that on a regular basis.... Perhaps even hopefully in front of the camera. I've got my fingers crossed. Mark my words... Someday you will see my name in the credits quite often. It'll happen. That's my goal. It WILL happen! ... [grin]"

....Seven days later, I discovered Hollywood was coming to Milwaukee, and they were planning to film the 2004 Bernie Mac movie, "Mr. 3000" at Miller Park.

I finally turned in my resignation for employment at Barnes and Noble.

MAY 2003:

Country singer, Buddy Jewell, won the first season of Nashville Star. I was quite thrilled!

Rachel graduated from college, and my parents came for a visit.

Later, I mused upon how fast time has flown by in my family.

JUNE 2003:

On June 7, I took the opportunity, and went and auditioned for the film "Mr. 3000".

In the middle of June, I traveled back to Minnesota to spend Fathers Day with family.

On Tuesday, June 17, after returning from my visit to Minnesota two days earlier, I was called by one of the casting agents for "Mr. 3000". I was cast in the film, and would be on-set through the month of July!

JULY 2003:

June 30, 2003 was my first of fifteen long but exciting days on-set for "Mr. 3000". While I was there on-set, I kept a daily journal of my experiences. Since then, it has become a widely read feature on my weblog and the internet!

My days were busy in July, as I spent nearly all of them on-set filming. Fun times!

AUGUST 2003:

"Do what you love, the success will follow."

A new role: "Happily married.... for three weeks."
(UPDATE: Due to unexpected reasons, this show has been postponed until February.)

On Wednesday, August 13, I had the opportunity to spend a day down in Chicago with a friend. We took in a Cubs game at Wrigley Field, and enjoyed some of what Chicago had to offer. The Cubs won, and incidently, were having one if their best seasons in almost 80 years!

During the last week of August, Milwaukee played host to some 250,000 people from around the world, thanks to Harley Davidson's 100th year celebration. I enjoyed being a Milwaukeean that week!


I spent some of my August, and most of September through October busy with art projects as a successful freelance artist. Busy times, but exactly the kind of job I thrive in! Creativity all the way!

America remembered the two-year anniversary of the 9-11 terrorist attacks.

Entertainment legends Johnny Cash and John Ritter died. Both were a sad loss to the entertainment world.

I became a new fan of the television series, "Babylon 5".


I spent my Saturdays helping my sister with her theatre class for kids.

Hundreds of Asian Ladybugs invaded my home and bugged the heck out of me!

The Chicago Cubs lost a close series in the MLB playoffs and their hopes of a world series are dashed. Incidently, with their unfortunate loss, I had no interest in following the 2003 Playoffs. Good riddence to high-budget teams. (And, I'm thrilled that the Yankees lost the World Series too!)


I added a new line of artwork to my site -- Digital Landscapes. You might enjoy checking out my 2004 wall calendar to see all of them. Pretty snazzy if I do say so myself!

I began a personal campaign to find an additional new [career] job.

I spent Thanksgiving Day with relatives in a small Wisconsin town outside Milwaukee. On this day of thanksgiving, I was thankful for.....


The job-hunting continued.

I became introduced to musician Clay Aiken, runner up in the most recent second season of "American Idol". Researching him a bit, my interest was peaked in watching the upcoming season three of the series which will air in Janurary 2004.

My sister (again, Rachel) starred as Peter Pan in the musical "Peter Pan" as performed up in the renowned Sheboygan Theatre Company. I reviewed the show. Rachel now also lives up there in Sheboygan, and is pursuing a successful stage acting career, while running her theatre program for kids, and taking in commercial auditions. She is well on her way towards theatrical success. (UPDATE: Her engagement is now also on temporary hold.)

Saddam Hussein was captured in Iraq, ending a massive manhunt for the dictator.

I spent Christmas at home up in Minneasota. The visit was enjoyable, and as I reflected upon the year 2003, I am thankful for all the blessings in my life. The Lord has blessed me richly this year. And, as I look forward to 2004, I think this should be an exciting year as well!

God's blessings on a wonderful new 2004 for all of you. Take care, and until later,

Your happily blogging friend,

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