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Sunday, March 28, 2004

"Let it rain; Tomarrow it will shine"

It rained most of today. As a result the grass around here is looking a lot greener. With that, and the temperatures nearing sixty degrees, it truely is springtime. I think after this rain stops, we'll be seeing budding leaves all over the place. Summer, here we come!

I braved the falling raindrops today, though, and made a trek over to my old college. I wanted to return a few library items, and make a few printoffs of my resume and references in preparation for my interview tomarrow. It was a wet walk, but worthwhile. -- I got the printouts I needed, checked out a few new DVD's in exchange for those I returned, and ran into Diana, my friend Scott's sister. (I always enjoy running into her. She's a creative person much like myself. We have a lot in common.). :)

But, in the end, I think the news is good. I'm ready to see in what way this graphics company is interested in me. My first priority is obviously the webdesign project I've accepted, but if I can aquire something good from this interview -- even if just information and references -- then I'll be happy. If I have to decline any offer due to my previous priorities, I feel confident that something better will be coming my way. And at least I'll have the knowledge that there are design companies out there that have an interest in me!

That would make me happy indeed! But we'll see what tomarrow offers. 'Sunshine' I hope. :)

Have a blessed Monday everyone. I'll catch you sometime on the marrow.

Your happily blogging creative friend,

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