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Monday, April 19, 2004

"And then the wind blew...."

You know, I half expect my apartment building to blow over sometime soon. Only this afternoon has the wind finally stopped howling, severely rattling my windows. In fact, it's been doing that for the past two days. Most of the weekend weather has been pretty nice -- in terms of temperature -- but when it comes to wind, very gusty.

Aside from the occasional errand around the neighborhood, though, I've stayed in all weekend. I've been working on logo and web-related projects, most for clients, but some for myself. And it hasn't really been all that exciting of a weekend beyond that. I've been enjoying this opportunity to be the "creative specialist" that I am, but it hasn't really offered me much to muse upon since Friday.

Tomarrow (Tuesday) I'll be heading up to my friend Scott's cabin to help him re-seed the grounds. It's become an annual spring task, this being the second year we're heading up there for that reason. Last year was a multiple day event, with a number of people involved. This year will only be a one night affair, with just Scott and myself. Apparently there isn't nearly as much to do as there was last year.

But, I'll be back sometime on Wednesday, and then I'll get right back to work. I appreciate the occasional opportunity to get out of the apartment and go somewhere of note, but I do have to remember to remain on task with the projects on my palatte. I enjoy it, and I seem to be in growing demand lately. But I think that works for me. :)

Have a blessed Tuesday, and I'll catch you all when I get back.

Your happily blogging friend,

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