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Sunday, February 12, 2006

"Creative Auctions"

For those that are interested, you can now keep up-to-date with the excitement of my creative auctions on Ebay. I've created a special page here on to cover the details, as well as reveal any mystery as to what was in some of them. I'll probably be adding more details over the next few days, but for now, it's a start.

If you haven't heard, Mystery Auctions, odd auctions, and auctions with a high degree of creativity and entertainment value are a hot topic on Ebay these days. They're also a great venue for someone as artistic as myself to promote and share my work. You'll probably hear mixed reviews about some of these auctions in general. Some people love them. Others hate them. But for an honest seller with a true pension for sharing creativity (and a willingness to be generous), it's a treasure trove of opportunities.

Life is about giving more than it is receiving. And if I can use my creative skills in this venue to brighten someone else's day, share something that they can appreciated for years to come, or just make them smile, then my goal is achieved. Success, whether in the auction setting or anywhere else in life, isn't about the wealth you accumulate, it's about how you interact with others. Cheat them, and you'll ultimately fail. But if you make your business the business of helping others, then the sky's the limit!

Have a blessed Sunday all. I'm heading to bed. Until next time,

Your happily blogging creative friend,

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