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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"What’s Your Middle Name?"

Here's a fascinating question posed by another blogger I like to read. He asked, "What if your middle name was actually your first name? How would your life be different?"

Well, my middle name is David. So, if this were so, you would be reading this blog at Also, veryone would call me David, since I'd insist they use my full name (I'm not a fan of "Dave"). And I would also have a very different signature/autograph. In addition, I'd be known in professional circles as "David Baas", which would, interestingly enough, be the same name as an NFL football player who plays for the San Francisco 49ers. That could be very confusing. And, not to be forgotten, my younger cousin might very well have been named Jonathan instead, since I came first, and there are no duplicate first names among my cousins.

Other than that, though, I don't think anything else would be all that different. My name didn't really affect who I became. It's just a name. Although, I will have to say, I'm rather fond of "Jonathan". It has a warmer ring to it.

How would your name/life be different?


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