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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"Blogger's Block"

I'm sitting here at my computer, trying to come up with a personal blog post -- something a bit more Jon-oriented than usual -- but my mind just doesn't want to cooperate. I'm drawing a blank. And that's rather disorienting for a creative person such as myself.

To be honest, I'd like to get back into the habit of writing the kind of posts that started this blog -- longer musing-driven posts that often dipped into the realm of contemplation. Opportunities for reflection. Observation. I miss those. But, alas, maybe tonight just isn't the night for that. Maybe tonight I just need to head to bed, and start with a fresh mind in the morning.

Tomorrow, I'll either be painting an apartment indoors, or landscaping outdoors (I don't know which), so I suppose a little extra sleep wouldn't hurt. It'll be a busy day, followed by another early-to-bed night, so that I can travel up to Brillion on Thursday to see Kelli (we're going to a comedy performance in Madison on Friday). It'll be a long, but VERY exciting weekend.... kicking off a short and busy week.... capped off by yet another exciting weekend down in Chicago -- and then over into Michigan for a few days to visit friends.

[takes a deep gasping breath]

Oi. Yeah. Bed. No thinking. Need sleep. :)

Have a wonderful evening all. I'll see you on the morrow.


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