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Thursday, May 28, 2009

"A Day in the Life of Jon -- (May 28, 2009)"

-- 5:57 AM --
Thursday begins. I wake up three minutes before my alarm. Turn it off. Drift back to sleep.

-- 6:21 AM --
Wake up again -- 21 minutes late. Grab a shower. Shave.

-- 6:43 AM --
Turn on the local news and eat a bowl of cereal for breakfast.

-- 7:16 AM --
Turn off GMA and pack the last of what I need for my weekend travels.

-- 7:47 AM --
Sending off a quick email, and then heading out the door.

-- 8:08 AM --
Catch city bus #1. Destination: downtown Milwaukee Greyhound station.

-- 8:14 AM --
Waiting at a city bus stop for bus #2. Watching an attractive smartly-dressed young woman across the street (also waiting for a bus). Musing upon her bright red lipstick, black skirt, long black coat... and bright pink leggings.

-- 8:31 AM --
Bus #2 arrives. I get on.

-- 9:17 AM --
Arrive downtown at the Greyhound terminal. Go in. Pick up my ticket.

-- 9:52 AM --
Sitting in the terminal watching CNN. Waiting for my 10:30am bus to begin boarding.
Ticket destination: Manitowoc, Wisconsin.

-- 10:04 AM --
Talking to a friendly well-traveled 71-year-old retired teacher. He's on his way back home from Boise, ID, and waiting for my bus as well.

-- 10:16 AM --
First boarding call for my bus.

-- 10:30 AM --
My bus is pulling out of the terminal. The skies are cloudy, gray, and overcast. I settle in for an 80-mile ride north to Manitowoc.

-- 10:34 AM --
Sitting across the aisle from an Amish man eating Cheetos.

-- 10:50 AM --
Listening to country music on my ipod.
Current artists: Shania Twain, Shannon Lawson, and Sherrie Austin.

-- 11:33 AM --
Pulling into the Sheboygan terminal. Three new passengers get on. Next stop: Manitowoc.

-- 12:09 PM --
Disembarking from my bus in Manitowoc. The terminal is nothing more than a gas station.

-- 12:18 PM --
Sitting down for lunch in the nearby Arby's.

-- 12:45 PM --
Spreading out some work in a newly-vacated restaurant booth. Planning to sit here in Arby's until 3pm, then walk to the nearby Starbucks to meet Kelli at 4pm (she's teaching in Brillion 20 miles away, and cannot come pick me up until then).

-- 1:34 PM --
Listening to the Weather Channel on the Arby's television. Melodramatic program about a tornado that destroyed a small Arkansas town in 2008.

-- 1:58 PM --
Sipping Pepsi and reading a computer game manual.

-- 3:11 PM --
Walking over to Starbucks.

-- 3:23 PM --
Sitting down in Starbucks with a slice of strawberry rhubarb crumble and a tall glass of ice water. Still reading the computer game manual.

-- 3:50 PM --
Kelli has arrived... earlier than expected. Very happy to see her!

-- 4:32 PM --
Arriving at Kelli's apartment with A&W cheeseburgers and deep fried cheese curds for dinner.

-- 5:30 PM --
Starting to watch "Timeline" on the Sci-Fi Channel. Never seen it.

-- 6:14 PM --
Changing clothes for church. Being reminded to hurry up (or we'll be late).

-- 6:46 PM --
In church. Grade school graduation service. Kelli is singing (in a choir).

-- 8:19 PM --
Eating tasty desserts (in the fellowship hall) and enjoying the graduation reception.

-- 9:30 PM --
Back at Kelli's apartment. Watching a cute DVD recap of her kindergarten school year.

-- 10:49 PM --
Gathering a few of my things, so I can head over to the Principal's house and spend the night in his guest bedroom. I have to be up around 5am so Kelli can have her car for school.

-- 11:07 PM --
Parking the car on the street. Tip-toeing into the Principal's quiet house (he and his wife are already sleeping). Locking up, and turning off the lights.

-- 11:16 PM --
Crawling into the guest bed. Time to end my day.

(This entry was hand-written, and posted upon my return to Milwaukee.)


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