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Sunday, June 07, 2009

"A Cabin in the Woods"

Originally, Kelli and I had planned to go camping while we were in Michigan. But, a friend (and parent of one of Kelli's former students) invited us to stay at their house instead. So, for the three nights we're in town, this will be our home base.

It's a very beautiful home too. Mr. W, a successful engineer in his 50's, is also an avid hunter, so, three years ago, he and his wife bought this house tucked away in the woods. It's a high-tech modern-style two-story log cabin house surrounded by many acres of woodland. Mr. W goes hunting here, and it's here that the two of them raise their 8-year-old adopted daughter.

As soon as we pulled into the driveway, I fell in love with the place. Even the bi-level pond with the artificial waterfall in the backyard drew me in. The sound of gently falling water is ever-present, and, so very relaxing. I could see myself living here -- or at least in a place like this. It's rustic, yet modern. Tucked away in the woods, yet only ten minutes from historic downtown Dowagiac.

Camping would have been fun. But staying in a log cabin/house like this... even better!

(This entry was hand-written, and posted upon my return to Milwaukee.)


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