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Monday, June 08, 2009

"A Monday in Dowagiac"

Kelli and I spent the day driving around Dowagiac, and visiting with a few of her old friends. We stopped in at St. John's -- her former church and school. I took a tour, saw her old classroom, and met the Pastor and his wife. I listened quietly as Kelli reminisced with old colleagues, talked teacher politics,... and was informed of the armed robbery that took place that morning in one of the town's two banks (news travels fast in a town this size!).

For lunch, Kelli introduced me to Saylor's, the "Home of the $5 Pizza", and the best chicken-ranch pizza I've ever eaten! It's been a long-time favorite of hers, and something she's missed dearly since moving away. There's a pizza place up in Brillion that's added it to their menu too, but it's not as good as the Saylor's original. If you want chicken-ranch pizza, THIS is where you go.

For dinner, Kelli and I were invited to the home of her former principal and his family. They've been long-time friends of hers, and, ironically, Mr. B. (roughly my age) is even the son of Kelli's pastor back home in Tomah, Wisconsin (where Kelli grew up). Pastor B. (in Tomah) will be officiating our wedding next year. Small world, huh!

After enjoying tasty grilled brats and hamburgers, the five adults (Principal B, his expecting wife, the Dowagiac pastor's wife, Kelli, and myself) sat outside watching the three little B. children running around in the backyard playing with bubbles. It's amazing how much energy little ones have. They made me tired just watching -- from my comfy lawn chair. Oi!

After dinner and chat, Kelli and I returned to the W's log house in the woods, and settled in for the night. Little W. (the 8-year-old daughter) went to bed around 9pm, and Mr. W. followed shortly thereafter (he has to travel for work early tomorrow). That left Mrs. W., Kelli, and myself chatting under the wood rafters of the fireplace-dominated lodge-like living room. Man, I love this house!

It's late -- going on midnight -- and we're still up talking. :)

(This entry was hand-written, and posted upon my return to Milwaukee.)


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