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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

"Burned by the Sun"

I spent the day today working out in the warm summer sun. My project for the day was to help move a large pile of fresh bark mulch (about three yards), and spread it over decorative areas of the landscape at the apartment buildings I used to live in last year. When I left home in the morning, my skin tone was sunless white (some might say "pasty white", but I won't go that far!). When I returned at the end of the day... I was pink/red like a lobster.

Yes, the sun had left it's mark. Thanks to my German/Norwegian heritage, the back of my neck is brick red, while my forearms are a lovely shade of deep pink. Strangely, no other areas of my body got burned -- and I was wearing shorts.

I've been told that aloe and vitamin E are good solutions to ease the often painful effects of sunburn, so, I'm slathering up the affected areas on a regular basis tonight. I'll probably be tingly and red for a while... but I can live with that. I'm just glad the project didn't take longer than it did. And I'm reminded... always wear sunscreen when working outside in the middle of July. The sun and I don't always get along.


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