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Saturday, September 26, 2009

"The Ruins of Detroit"

At the beginning of the 20th Century, the city of Detroit developed rapidly thanks to the automobile industry. Until the 50's, its population rose to almost 2 million people. Detroit was the 4th most important city in the United States. It was the dazzling symbol of the American Dream City with its monumental skyscrapers and fancy neighborhoods.

But then came the fall. Increasing segregation and de-industrialization caused violent riots in 1967. The white middle-class left the inner city, and the suburbs grew. Firms and factories began to close down or move to lower-wage states. Eventually the downtown high-rise buildings emptied.

Today, the splendid decaying monuments of Detroit are no less than the Pyramids of Egypt, the Coliseum of Rome, or the Acropolis in Athens -- remnants of the passing of a great civilization.

Here are some fascinating photos of the ruins of Detroit. Enjoy.
(Click on the arrows below each picture to advance the slideshow)


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