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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"Wednesday in Review"

Very interesting day!:

Started by cleaning up trash at my former apartment buildings. Garbage strewn all over the yard, bushes, patio space. Present tenants (and their unruly children) have trashed and damaged the place. Items disposed of: hundreds of cigarette butts, used candy wrappers, empty potato chip bags, plastic silverware, old beer cans, soggy napkins, popsicle sticks, broken toys, expired mail, and more. Nice neighborhood, pleasant apartments.... unexpectedly low standard of living tenants. Wasn't like this when I lived there. Thankfully, said tenants are "on the way out".

Finished clean-up; continued my day...

Helped install a nifty new modern plastic roadside mailbox. Replaced the old aluminum one. Careful not to get hit by passing cars zipping by on major thoroughfare. Prepared to leave; landlord's SUV wouldn't start. Starter was dead. Tow truck guy managed to get it started; no tow necessary. Landlord drove it to local repair shop. Waited for his wife to pick us up (from work) in her vehicle. Dropped her off at a nearby hair appointment. Continued our projects in her SUV. Just getting started again when repair shop called; new starter installed... landlord's SUV all set for pick-up. Repair cost: $600. Picked up landlord's SUV, I drove his wife's SUV to her hair salon, got back in landlord's repaired SUV... continued our projects.

Next gig: pounding a 10-foot steel pole into the yard at my old apartment (where we picked up trash earlier). Pole intended to better support present "For Rent" sign. Completed task, called it a day. Taking care of remaining projects tomorrow. Enjoyed fresh carved beef at a local buffet for dinner. Came home, ran a few errands, showered.... relaxing.

Going to bed soon. Hoping tomorrow is a bit less exciting. :)


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