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Saturday, October 24, 2009

"Movies: Change One Letter"

Lately, there's been a fun little challenge going around the internet. The concept is simple: Take a movie title and change one letter, thus changing the whole theme of the film. For example: "Raving Private Ryan", "Pilates of the Caribbean", "It's a Wonderful Lime", that sort of thing.

Yeah, it's silly, and probably a bit of time-waster, but it's fun. And who isn't up for a little distraction from the more mundane aspects of the day, eh?

So, in that spirit, a few friends and I have been going back and forth on Facebook coming up with fun altered titles. Here are a few that we've shared. See if you can determine what the original movie titles were... and, ultimately, how the "new" title would change the original plot. Enjoy!

Change One Letter Movie Titles:

- "The Dummy" (and it's sequal, "The Dummy Returns")
- "While You Were Sweeping"
- "Planet of the Ales"
- "Fatman Begins"
- "Cinderella Ran"
- "The Bedding Singer"
- "The Boonies"
- "Some Like It Not"
- "The Pound of Music"
- "Raid In Manhattan"
- "Barefoot in the Bark"
- "The Lord of the Rings: The Two Mowers"
- "Gone With The Wine"
- "The Bookie"
- "The Lake Mouse"
- "Never Been Missed"
- "Riding In Cars With Toys"
- "Fission Impossible"
- "Camino Royale"
- "Dunces With Wolves"
- "Stat Wars"
- "Graveheart"

Originally, this challenge included imagery -- such as those found on the cover of a DVD case. Here are a few altered movie titles with "new" covers.

I'm sure you could come up with even more clever titles. Feel free to share!


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