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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"Jon Baas Goes Public on Facebook"

For those of you who like to keep updated on things happening in my life, there are two new "websites" you may want to take a look at. Both of them are fan pages hosted on Facebook. And both of them are public. Anyone can access them.

The first is my new Twitter replacement. It's the Jon Baas fan page, and has been set up as a community for anyone interested in me, my work, or my public life. I used to post my daily status updates from my personal account, but only those connected to me on Facebook could read them. This new fan page reverses that trend.

Come take a look sometime! New fans are always welcome!

The Jon Baas Fan Page on Facebook:

And the other site is for those interested in the news and goings-on in regards to me and my fiancee, Kelli. No, we won't reveal the really personal stuff, but we WILL post photos, stories, links, and other fun details as we journey together toward marriage and beyond. It's your invitation to join us and follow along as our exciting little adventure unfolds.

The Jon and Kelli Fan Page on Facebook:

And of course, there's always my Jon Baas Designs fan page, this one dealing almost exclusively with my artwork, my online store, and the creativity that drives both.

I'm very active on Facebook... and you can be part of the fun. Come join me. Become a fan. I'll keep blogging here, as I have been since 2002. But now, there are a few more options to stay updated, and a few more opportunities to interact.


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