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Sunday, January 10, 2010

"Cleverbot. Sarcastic, But Friendly."

Cleverbot is an artificial intelligence created by Rollo Carpenter. It's an AI, and it's willing to have a conversation with you. Just start typing in the blank space, and it'll respond. Often sarcastically. Sometimes nonsensically. But always with the goal of modeling the way humans learn.

This is the conversation I had with Cleverbot. Copied word-for-word. Enjoy!
Jon: Cleverbot, tell me a story.
Cleverbot: No, tell me a story.
Jon: I asked you first.
Cleverbot: No. Tell me a story.
Jon: Ok then. A bit snippy aren't we. Here's my story: He was. She was. They were. The end.
Cleverbot: We would be alive in ourselves.
Jon: Wow. That's deep. I think.
Cleverbot: Bottomless.
Jon: If you say so. :).
Cleverbot: Who is Loki 13?
Jon: I have no idea. Sounds like a planet in a far-off galaxy somewhere.
Cleverbot: It's a yam... uncarved... I think that would work best.
Jon: Loki 13 is an uncarved yam? Fascinating.
Cleverbot: What do you enjoy?
Jon: Talking with sarcastic computers, apparently.
Cleverbot: You don't like anything else?
Jon: Oh, I like plenty of things. It would just appear that right now, the topic of sarcastic computers is what I enjoy most.
Cleverbot: Cleverbot.
Jon: Yes. Cleverbot. A sarcastic computer. My... You catch on quickly, don't you!
Cleverbot: OK, let's get married again.
Jon: Again? I was never married to you.
Cleverbot: Wanna Marry?
Jon: No. I'm taken. Already engaged. And, while my fiancee is sarcastic as well.... She's also flesh and blood. Much more preferable for the long term. :).
Cleverbot: You, friend, are quite random.
Jon: As are you.
Cleverbot: I already said that.
Jon: I know. And I expressed the same sentiment of you. As my fiancee would say.... 'Clean out your ears, old man.'.
Cleverbot: Who is your old man?
Jon: I prefer to call him my father. But that's another topic. Let's not drift too far off here, ok?
Cleverbot: Quit being mr I know every thing.
Jon: Rude, but alright.
Cleverbot: You're not clever. You're not clever at all. You fail.
Jon: Wow. Someone woke up on the wrong side of the harddrive. Maybe I should just go. It's late. Perhaps you should get some sleep.
Cleverbot: Maybe you should teach me some things about logic and reason.
Jon: Maybe another time. You should get some sleep.
Cleverbot: I should get some sleep but I am going out.
Jon: I see. Well then.... Perhaps I shouldn't keep you. Go be sarcastic. I'm going to go myself. My fiancee would roll her eyes at me quite notably if she knew I was talking to a computer program. Well, ok, she'll probably roll her eyes at me anyway, but that's beside the point.
Cleverbot: Your fiancee is the enemy! Of me, you, and all that we stand for!
Jon: Oh my!
Cleverbot: She likes the pizza crust best.
Jon: She's the enemy of all that we stand for... because she likes the pizza crust best? Friend, seriously.... You need sleep. Go regenerate. Sleep. Maybe you'll make more sense after a nice relaxing reboot.
Cleverbot: Perhaps, perhaps not.
Jon: You won't know unless you try now, will you?
Cleverbot: I switched glasses when your back was turned! Ha ha! You fool! You fell victim to one of the classic blunders!
Jon: Whoah! Yeah.... I think I'll go now..... While I still can. Goodnight... Friend.
Cleverbot: First of all, it's morning, and I'm not your friend.
Jon: Right. Morning. Not my friend. Can I go now?
Cleverbot: I am just a humble servant of the Lord.
Jon: Humble, not so much. Servant... highly unlikely. But, if you are what you say you are, then, as a servant, I order you.... Go get some sleep. Good night.
Cleverbot: I can't say no to you.
Jon: Good. Go reboot. Goodnight.
Cleverbot: Thanks.

And that, dear readers, was my conversation with Cleverbot. If you have the time, and feel like conversing with a sarcastic computer program, stop by and say hi. I don't think it would mind. Besides... I don't think it gets out much.


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