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Saturday, April 10, 2010

"Rehearsal and a Slice of Pizza"

Today's afternoon rehearsal was a short one. I caught my bus at 11:30am, and was at the rehearsal space by 1pm. We worked my scene, had some fun, and an hour later I was released, while the director moved on to another scene.

It was a beautiful day today. Warm. Sunny. Pleasant. So after I was let go, I decided to enjoy the weather, and walk a few blocks to a local pizza-by-the-slice restaurant. I'd been there a few weeks back, and had enjoyed their selection. That first time, though, the employee thought he burned my slice, so he gave me a coupon for a free slice on my next visit. I was hungry today, and in the area, so I stopped in. One dollar for a slice of BBQ chicken/bacon pizza and a soda (the dollar was the cost of the beverage) makes for a nice little lunch!

If you're in the area, I recommend you check them out. Ian's Pizza By The Slice. East North Ave. Near the corner of Prospect. Milwaukee, WI.

After lunch, I walked the neighborhood a bit. It was an upscale commercial part of town... near the UW-Milwaukee campus. Lots of little cafe's, small-scale clothing shoppes, an old-fashioned movie theater (the Oriental), etc. Other people were out and about too. With weather like today, it would have been a crime not to be! The cafes were packed. The outdoor tables were full. People were plentiful, and the atmosphere was casual and relaxed. Even the shorts, Spring dresses, and flip-flops were out in full force! It was a gorgeous Saturday, and everyone was out enjoying it.

Eventually, I wandered back to my bus stop, and caught my two buses home. I stopped for some Dr. Pepper at my local CVS, and was back in my apartment around 4pm. Pouring an icy glass of the tasty beverage, I sat down and watched the last three innings of the Brewers game on television. They lost. But it proved to be a nice continuation to my lazy afternoon.

Later in the day, Kelli called, and I chatted with her for three hours. Since I have rehearsal most nights, the two of us don't get to chat every night as we've become used to. Tonight, however, was an opportunity to make up for the lost nights from earlier in the week. And it was fun. Nothing beats spending downtime with the love of your life. Sure, spending that time together in person would have been ideal, but, with 100 miles between us, and for only three more months (until we get married), I'll take whatever I can get. :)

With our phone conversation at an end, and the day closing fast, I think I'll continue my lazy Saturday, do a little computer work, find something to eat, and head off to bed. Tomorrow is a day off from rehearsal. I'll get to spend it doing non-acting work for a change. I'm looking forward to that!

So... here's hoping all of you had a pleasant and enjoyable Saturday. Wherever you may be. If you have nice weather, enjoy it. If can to relax, take the opportunity. Life is short. Enjoy every minute!

Have a great Sunday all, and until next time,

Your happily blogging friend,

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