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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

"Wednesday: Rehearsal Recap"

Tonight's rehearsal was a good one. Better than yesterday's I think. And my preparation paid off this time around too (although my lines are still a bit sluggish). I've got a lot of work to do yet, plenty of memorization, character elements, dialect study, etc. I'll be busy through the weekend, but at least I've found my stride again.

It was a rainy day today. Cold and wet. Unfortunately, that made my commute to rehearsal a less than comfortable one. Especially as I stood outside waiting for my bus transfer among the skyscrapers of downtown Milwaukee. The chill wind whipped pellets of rain at me, and the cold numbed my skin, but I survived. Thankfully, it was warmer inside the rehearsal space than it was out (usually it's been the reverse), so the cold didn't linger.

For this show, we rehearse in the basement of an old four-story Italian community center -- now converted into a church. It's a nice space... suitable, sufficient, spread out. We perform, however, in a large theater auditorium on the campus of a nearby college. About three weeks before we open, we'll move to the stage. So for now, the set is represented in tape on the floor.

Tomorrow, I've got the day off from rehearsal. The entire cast does. So, I won't have to commute anywhere. I'll be working for my landlord most of the day -- probably painting in another apartment, but at least I'll have a brief respite from the norm of rehearsals. I'll work on my script again after I return from painting, and then I'll spend most of Friday preparing for a tough rehearsal in the evening. It'll be a busy end to the week. But I'll manage. :)

Here's hoping all of you had a productive Wednesday. I'm heading to bed for the night, but I'll be back with more musings tomorrow. Have a wonderful evening, and until then....

Your happily blogging friend,

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