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Thursday, May 13, 2010

"On Stage: Performing in the Dark"

When you're on stage performing, it's a given that unexpected events will happen. Unfortunately, that's exactly what happened to us with tonight's show. The light board went dead. Kaput. Fried. Didn't work at all. The stage manager went to turn it on prior to the show.... and nothing happened. No lights. No lighting design.

Without the intended illumination, we had to perform with only the house lights and two last minute jury-rigged spotlights. That, of course, left shadows and a total lack of all the pretty lighting that helps make this show sparkle. It was a bit disconcerting to say the least, but, what can you do. The show must go on. Thankfully, we had a small audience, and the story (aka, the acting) still moved those in attendance. It was a successful show. Dramatic. Emotional. Just not quite the visual gem as we had expected.

Here's hoping we can find a suitable fix before tomorrow.

UPDATE: (Friday, 1:05pm)
The prognosis is good. Our creative director has found a temporary new light board. A rental, actually. And our original lighting designer is coming in today (Friday) to reprogram the lights before tonight's performance. Everything should be back to normal by this evening.


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