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Monday, August 23, 2010

"A Weekend With Mitchell"

Kelli's younger brother, Mitchell, was here in Brillion visiting this past weekend. His life has been busy in Tomah as of late, and he needed a vacation, so he drove the nearly three hours northeast (across Wisconsin) to hang with us for a few days. As of Friday night, he became our first overnight house guest since Kelli and I were married.

It was a nice little visit too. On Friday the three of us drove to west to Appleton to see a movie. Kelli had discovered a budget movie theater there, so we decided to take in the Nicolas Cage film, "The Sorcerer's Apprentice". Both Kelli and I had seen the film already, but it was new to Mitchell. His final assessment: He liked it.

On Saturday, the three of us hung out around our apartment here in Brillion. We introduced Mitchell to the television series, "Firefly" (which he also liked), and enjoyed each others company. It was a lazy kind of day. Not much else to tell.

On Sunday, we went to church, and then stopped at Rudy's Diner -- one of the best and most well-known restaurants here in town (since 1939). Neither Kelli nor I had eaten there yet, preferring mostly to eat at the next-door family restaurant, Mom's Place. But at lunch time, Mom's Place was crowded, and Rudy's wasn't. So we at ate there. The food was very good (including the homemade bread and cherry-pineapple-rhubarb jam!), and the historic Brillion memorabilia on the walls were fascinating. The owner of Rudy's is retiring soon, so I have a feeling Kelli and I will be eating there again while the place is still open.

In the evening on Sunday, Mitchell, Kelli, and I found ourselves engrossed in a few lengthy games of SKIP-BO (a popular numerical card game). Both Kelli and Mitchell are highly competitive whenever they play games together (it's a sibling thing), so for me, it was rather entertaining to watch. Toss in some extraordinarily tasty German chocolate liquor (a wedding gift from my Air Force sister who was previously stationed in Germany), and fun -- including plenty of laughs (some mildly alcohol-induced) -- was had by all.

Early today, Mitchell set out for home.

It was fun having Kelli's little brother stay with us for a few days, though. He's a good guy. I like him. And his perspective on things -- while often similar to those of Kelli -- is a nice addition to the Jon and Kelli dynamic. He's his own geek, like me. So, when you put the three of us together, time flies by in no time. But then again, that's the mark of a good family, right? :)


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