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Monday, December 13, 2010

"Buried in White. Covered in Snow."

It came. It fell. We were buried.

Yes indeed. The snow storm that was predicted for the weekend has arrived. And it came in with a bang. Here in Brillion we registered ten more inches, and all of it fell in blizzard-like conditions. The wind was whipping it into snow drifts, and temperatures plunged to winter lows. Not a night to be outdoors.

On Saturday, Kelli and I were invited over to a friend's house for game night. When we arrived around 6pm, the snow was falling, but one could hardly say it was a blizzard. Five hours later, when we left... the storm was in full swing, and everything was buried under a thick blanket of white.

We cleared off the car, managed to make it out of the driveway, and carefully maneuvered our way home through the blowing snow and unplowed city streets. Unfortunately, as soon as we got into the parking of our apartment complex... we got stuck. Spinning tires and all. It took half an hour, and the help of two neighbors to shovel us out and get the car safely into our garage. Needless-to-say, we didn't make it to church on Sunday. By morning, we were snowed in.

Later in the day on Sunday, I shoveled out our driveway, cleared our front stoop, and even dug out our neighbor's garage/driveway. I think I strained something, but only temporary. It's Monday now, and my back seems fine again. But it'll definitely be a winter storm to remember.

And, if not for the snow... then certainly for the missing wedding ring. Yes, in my short-sightedness, I neglected to bring gloves to our game night, and as a result, froze my hands. Temporarily, of course. My hands are fine now. But, at some point while I was clearing snow, my ring slipped off my finger... and vanished in the snow. I'm pretty sure it happened in our friend's driveway, but with all the white on the ground right now, I can't be certain. I didn't notice it was gone until my hands thawed -- after we were home, and the car was safely back in the garage.

If I do find my ring, it won't be until Spring -- when all the snow melts.

But, hey, rings can be replaced, lives cannot. I'm glad we're safe. I'm glad we came home when we did. And I'm grateful for Kelli's understanding with the whole ring issue. At worst, this'll end up being a story we tell our kids. Our first major snow storm as husband and wife. We get stuck, snowed in, and Jon loses his wedding ring. Yep. Fun times. Fun times.

So... yeah, that was my weekend. How was yours? :)


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