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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

"Kelli Home Sick; Preparing for the Weekend"

Kelli has been home sick yesterday and today. She went to the doctor for some tests, thinking it might be Strep, but the results came back negative (yay!). She's got a sore throat, and has been drinking hot tea constantly, but I'd say she's on the mend. She'll be returning to the classroom tomorrow.

She and I have plans to go down to Tomah, WI for the Holidays at the end of this week, and she's bound and determined to make the trip. Her family lives there, and this year we'll be spending the entirety of the Holidays with them. No traveling to visit my family over in Minnesota. But, that works out this year. My parents came up here the weekend of Thanksgiving. We had Christmas then, and even video-chatted with my two military sisters stationed in the Pacific. It was fun!

This year, only Ben (my Marine brother studying art in California) will be able to get home to Minnesota for Christmas. Maybe Rachel too -- at some point. So, it'll be a small family Christmas on the Baas side of the family. Kelli's family, on the other hand -- rather busy. Three celebrations this weekend: one at the family farm (Kelli's mother's side), one at Kelli's grandmother's house (Kelli's dad's side), and a third more intimate get-together with Kelli's brother, sister's family, and parents.

This will also be my first Christmas as part of Kelli's family. It's the first Holiday in which I truly am "Uncle Jon" to the nephews, and brother/son-in-law to the rest. So, yeah, I'm kinda looking forward to it too.

I probably won't be doing much blogging while I'm away, but, as always, my facebook page will remain active. Shorter posts are easier to do from someone else's computer. So, starting this weekend, be sure to visit my Facebook page. I'll resume blogging right here once I return.

Have a wonderful evening all, and until next time,

Your happily blogging friend,

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