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Thursday, June 16, 2011

"Brillion, Wisconsin Now Has A Facebook Page"

I was working on an unrelated project earlier this month, when I discovered that my present hometown of Brillion, Wisconsin didn't have a Facebook page. There was no online community for local Facebook users to interact, be social, share photos, discuss recent events, stay updated on local news and culture, that sort of thing. Heck, hardly any of the local businesses have active Facebook communities either. That surprised me. Do Brillionites not use the internet for business or social networking?

It seemed like an area of technology that was being gravely underutilized.

So, me being from the big city, where that sort of thing is commonplace, I decided to toss my hat into the ring, and pursue the opportunity. I may be one of Brillion's newest residents, and not everyone knows me yet... but I do love my new home. I have a passion for it (and a public persona to go with). Putting together an online culture/news source for Brillion made simple sense. Besides, not even the local once-a-week Brillion newspaper uses Facebook (or even maintains the page they already have).

Like I said... surprised.

As anyone in the area of online marketing will tell you, Facebook is the wave of the future. The things a business or brand can do on Facebook grows by the week. And if you want to build a relationship with supporters, grow your customer base, increase visibility... Facebook is the place to do that. It opens up so many doors. Especially with so many people using the site these days!

So, with that in mind, I've decided take the lead, build a relationship with the residents of Brillion, start growing an online community, and, ultimately... promote the city.

If you'd like to become part of this growing community, stop on by. The Facebook page is already online. Come check us out, click "Like", join the fun!

The Brillion, Wisconsin Facebook Page:

And, if you like the new Brillion page, please, by all means, invite your Brillion friends to join. Anyone who lives in Brillion. Even people who live outside Brillion. Anyone who supports our community and wants to see it grow. Invite them.

Brillion has a great real-life community. Friendly. Helpful. Hospitable. Proud! But we're not online yet. Not as a community. Help us change that. Come join the new Brillion, Wisconsin Facebook page!

To spread the word, sign into Facebook (if you use the site), and then click the "Share" link at the bottom of the left-hand column on the Brillion page. Or, put the link to the Brillion page on your blog, status update, Twitter, wherever you are online. Every little bit helps!

Brillion could greatly benefit from having a public, active Facebook page. Now all we need are the local residents... and supporters. YOU!

Come join us! We won't bite. I promise.


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