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Monday, August 22, 2011

"Coming Soon: Jon's Product Designs"

I've been spending a lot of time adding new products to my online store. Not everyone knows that I do this, or that I even design and sell my own line of merchandise. But, hey, it IS one of my chosen professions. So I though I'd get back into the habit of sharing some here on my blog.

A while back, I used to have a blog feature called "T-Shirt Thursday". Originally, it was an opportunity to show my readers some of the t-shirt items I designed. However, over the years, I've branched out into other products beyond apparel. Now, I design and sell everything from posters, prints, fleece blankets, laptop skins, mugs and much more. Lots of themed categories too, some of which sell very well.

In the coming days, I'll start sharing some of my favorite products again. I won't confine them to once-a-week as I did the first time around, rather, I'll just post a selection when the notion strikes me, and go from there. If any of the products interest you, feel free to share them with friends. I already sell internationally, and have customers as far away as Japan and Australia. None of my public work is a secret.

When I post product images, I'll also write a little about the category or theme as well. You'll hear about why I made those products, what they mean to me, feedback I've heard from others, the successes that have come my way.... that sort of thing. If my work fascinates you, by all means, stick around. There'll be a little something for everyone!

Stay tuned!


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