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Thursday, September 29, 2011

"Brewers vs. Diamondbacks in NLDS"

For those who follow my Milwaukee Brewers postings, here's a quick update. After last night -- one of the craziest nights in baseball history, the Wild-Card teams in the MLB have been decided. In the National League, the Atlanta Braves finished off their historic collapse with an extra-inning loss to the Philadelphia Phillies, and the St. Louis Cardinals trounced the Houston Astros. Since both the Braves and Cardinals were tied going into last night's games, the Cardinals come out on top as the NL Wild-Card.

And, since the Cardinals are the NL Wild-Card, that means the Milwaukee Brewers will be playing the NL West division champs, Arizona Diamondbacks, in the first round of the Playoffs. The match-up begins on Saturday at 1:07pm (CST) in Milwaukee. It'll be televised live on TBS.

It'll be a best-of-five series. The first team to win three games moves on to play the winner of the Phillies/Cardinals match-up. The winner of the second round match-up goes on to the World Series, where they'll play the top American League team. I'm rooting for the Brewers to go all the way! Of course, anything goes in the post-season; that's what makes October and the MLB so exciting!

This is the fourth time in 42 years that the Milwaukee Brewers have made it into the Playoffs, and only the third time they've won their division to get there (they won the AL East in 1981 and 1982; NL Wild-Card in 2008). So, for those not from Wisconsin, it's a pretty big deal around here!

The Green Bay Packers won the NFL Super Bowl this past winter. Can the Milwaukee Brewers win the MLB World Series this Fall? Stick around. We'll find out.

"Brewers’ big moves pay off with playoffs"


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