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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"Rap Tribute to Joss Whedon's Firefly"

Those that know me, know that I'm a big Sci-Fi geek. I love Star Trek. I time travel. I love the vast wonders of space. But I also love Joss Whedon's "Firefly". It is, in my opinion, the best science fiction television series ever produced.

Unfortunately, "Firefly" didn't last too long. FOX in it's infinite lack of wisdom, canceled the show after one season. They didn't think it had potential. Yet, here we are years later, and the series is still receiving high praise and developing a huge fan following.

One of the neat things about the cult fandom of "Firefly", is the steady stream of unofficial content being released. Fans write songs, produce video tributes, write stories, release artwork, perform skits... the list goes on. One of the latest items to be released, is a full-length nerdcore rap album titled "The Browncoats Mixtape".

It's produced by Adam WarRock, a former attorney and now the internet's foremost "comic book rapper". The album features samples from both the TV show and the follow-up film "Serenity", and is devoted to the crew of the starship Serenity.

Here's one of the singles off the Mixtape titled "Mal". It focuses entirely upon the popular character of Captain Malcolm Reynolds, played by the ever-cool Nathan Fillion. I'm not a big rap fan myself, but this song I like. It's catchy; a great tribute. Give it a listen, and enjoy!

LINK: "Mal", from the Browncoats Mix Tape


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This is awesome :) How did you find it? LOL

By Blogger Prahagirl, at 6:11 PM, October 12, 2011  

I found it via one of the blogs I read. :)

By Anonymous Jon Baas, at 3:38 AM, October 13, 2011  

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