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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

"Star Trek: Terra Nova - A Star Trek PBeM RPG"

"Star Trek: Terra Nova" is a fan-produced Star Trek PBeM ("play-by-email") RPG adventure series. It takes place in the year 2378 -- three years after the Dominion War, and is set aboard the Defiant-class USS Terra Nova. It's a small ship; small crew (40 persons). But the adventures are beyond anything you've ever read. It's the series you never knew about; the novel not found in stores.

Come travel to the edge of explored space, to a region known as the Ryalli Sector. Spend some time on the only Federation outpost in the area, Liberty Station (the crashed saucer of a Galaxy-class starship). Meet the local alien races -- most of whom are not humanoid. Learn the history and mythology of the local planets. Discover the secrets of the mysterious Ryalli Expanse -- a place where thoughts become reality. Look around. Explore. Just be sure to avoid the war-mongering Qu-rog.

"Star Trek: Terra Nova" is an intricate story that has been growing in scale since 2001. Over ten years of episodes, plot lines, adventures, and unique characters.

It's one of the best Star Trek stories on the internet, with one of the most extensive and informative websites unmatched by any of it's counterparts. An epic adventure, strong in continuity, and based on creativity and individual character development. If you're looking for a one-of-a-kind Star Trek PBeM RPG, then THIS, my friend, is the place to be.

Come join us! Join the crew. Become a character. Read the story.

Series directed by myself, Jon Baas. Professional actor. Professional story-teller.

"...One of the best independent Star Trek stories on the internet!"
- David B.

"Your series has the most comprehensive set of background details that I've ever seen in an RPG."
- Jason A.

"All I can say is... outstanding!"
- Brian C.

Come see what we're all about. Visit our website:

"Like" us on Facebook:

Check out our Youtube channel for more videos:

I'll see YOU.... in the Ryalli!


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