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Thursday, February 16, 2012

"A Thursday in the Life of Jon Baas"

I've been a bit lax in my blogging lately (mostly due to other projects), so I thought it might be fun to get back into the swing of things with another live-blog of a "day in the life of Jon Baas". I'll start as soon as I wake up later today, and record my day as it happens (via short time-dated comments).

Whatever happens today (aside from mundane tasks of course), will be recorded right here. Since I have no idea what to expect, the day should prove to be as thrilling for me to experience... as it is fascinating for you to read.

So... with that said, let the fun begin! Bookmark this page, and be sure to check back often. Live-blogging starts -- right here -- sometime around noon!

(All times are in Central Standard Time)


12:44 PM
I'm up, awake, ready to begin my Thursday. Since I work overnight hours, noon-12:30 PM is generally when my "days" begin. That varies, of course, depending upon any meetings or events I have scheduled. For the most part, though, I seem to be most productive during the morning hours.

1:09 PM
I do a lot of work on Facebook. As a result, I probably know more about the site than the average person. One of the first things I do when my day starts is to catch up on my friends updates, check in on the various pages I maintain, make sure everything is functioning smoothly, maybe leave a comment or two.

Now that that's done. I think it's time for lunch -- "breakfast" in my case. I've caught up on the events of my social world, now it's time to check in with CNN on world events.

Out To Lunch. Be Back Soon.

1:22 PM
Oooh! A "Star Trek: The Next Generation" marathon on the Syfy Channel! Fun stuff! I may have to switch between this and CNN during lunch.

2:02 PM
The situation in Syria makes me ill. Any government that willingly kills it's own citizens in order to preserve it's perverted rule, does not deserve mercy or respect.

2:18 PM
Time to update some websites. Gotta keep things current.

2:56 PM
The sun is out and streaming in my home-office window as I work. According to the local weather status, it's 41F. I wonder if I should take a walk later?

3:22 PM
Pregnant women are quite attractive. I have a few pregnant friends who have been posting photos on Facebook. The mothers-to-be look radiant.

3:51 PM
I just finished the dishes, washed the counters, etc. My wife (Kelli) likes to keep a clean kitchen. I like to make her happy. I'm a good husband, I am.

4:27 PM
I'm heading out to do some grocery shopping with Kelli. I'm hoping to return with some coffee ingredients. I've been craving a nice hot vanilla caramel latte.

5:42 PM
Coffee obtained. We also picked up some hot chicken from the deli, so I'll be enjoying that for dinner shortly. Kelli was hungry. Quick and easy was the way to go.

5:51 PM
I love listening to 80's music. And I like dancing to it. Even when it's playing in the grocery store. The weird looks from my wife are fun too.

7:14 PM
I never drank coffee before I married Kelli. Now, I kinda like the stuff. Especially the steaming mug of Vanilla Caramel Latte I just finished. That's some good quality joe!

7:29 PM
I enjoy receiving packages in the mail. Especially when they contain geeky toys bought off Ebay. Three such packages came today. My inner geek is very happy!

7:37 PM
I'm watching an episode of "Scrubs" with Kelli. It's her favorite; the one titled "My Musical", where a patient observes everyone around her singing. I've never been a big fan of the show, but I have enjoyed an episode here and there. I can definitely see what Kelli enjoys about this one!

9:38 PM
Kelli and I have been watching clips of "Les Miserables" off of Youtube. Mark my words... that musical is going to stand the test of time. It'll be just as beloved fifty years from now.

9:46 PM
Kelli just informed me that she's taking her kindergarten students on a field trip tomorrow -- to something known as "Kinderfest". She described the event to me as this: "Take 150 kindergarteners, give them each 15 pixie sticks... and then try to keep them involved in organized activities." Yeah, I have a feeling my wife will be coming home exhausted tomorrow.

9:59 PM
Kelli has gone off to bed. I kept her company for a little while, now I think I'll go watch Conan for a bit before heading back to work.

11:42 PM
I'm editing a video of some performance footage from a stage show I was in a few years back. It continues to be one of my favorite acting gigs. If all goes well, I think I'll upload it to Youtube sometime tomorrow (Friday), and then post the link on Facebook.


12:18 AM
I'm listening to some musical recordings of the U.S. Naval Choir as I work. At the moment, the hymn "Eternal Father, Strong To Save" is playing. I love their haunting harmony. Truly beautiful.

1:09 AM
Music moves the soul. One of my favorite genre's of music to listen to while I work is that of orchestral film scores. Moving melodies, haunting tunes, determined fight sequences, chase music. No words, just music. Yet, each piece tells a story. It's the kind of music that feeds the imagination. I like that.

1:23 AM
Sometimes, when I'm listening to music and no one's around, I sit back, close my eyes.... and play the air drums. It makes me happy. It probably helps too that I was a drummer in my youth. Sometimes I wish I still was.

2:02 AM
Current project (at this hour): Creating a few more awesome digital set illustrations for the on-going Star Trek fan series that I produce and direct online. The set illustrations -- when published -- will represent the physical locations onboard the starship (upon which the series takes place). And when I say "awesome", I mean that in the very geekiest sense of the word. Sets like this -- for this kind of ship -- don't exist anywhere else online... because I'm the graphic artist creating them.

Check out the Star Trek: Terra Nova series website sometime. You might enjoy the story!

3:21 AM
It's amazing how fast time flies when you're immersed in creative work! After an hour and a half more of general graphics work, I think it's time for a break.

I've been listening to the fantastic score for the television series "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" (as performed by the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra). It's a beautiful composition (moving, harmonious, flowing). It makes me want to sit down and watch an episode. Since I usually find something meal-related to eat about this time of morning, I think I'll go pick an episode off Netflix, and enjoy my last "meal" of my "day" while I watch. Be back in a bit.

4:47 AM
It's almost 5 AM on Friday. My "day" has come to a close. I've gotten quite a bit finished today, I've enjoyed my tasty salad and episode of science fiction, it's time to head off to bed. Kelli has a standing request that I not still be up and about when she gets up -- she's not a morning person. So, I hit the sack before she rises.

All-in-all, it's been a good "day"; another one starts in a few hours. Thanks for following along as I've live-blogged. It's been fun! Until next time....

Your happily blogging friend,


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