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Thursday, March 22, 2012

"The Booms In Clintonville"

There's something strange happening in Clintonville, Wisconsin -- a city of nearly 5,000 people only 45 miles northwest of Brillion. For the past three nights, strange booms have been coming from somewhere underground, rattling windows and doors, and shaking the city. The police have fielded hundreds of calls so far from people all over town reporting the booms, and comparing them to anything from rattling pipes to fireworks, even to thunder.

As of this blog post, no one knows what's causing these mysterious booms. The city administrator has already ruled out a long list of possible causes which include gas lines and earthquakes. An engineering firm will be arriving there later this week with equipment to try and find the epicenter and depth of the shaking. We may know more after they've finished their analysis.

For now... it's a mystery. A mystery rather close to home.

"Clintonville Leaders Face Public Over Unexplained Noises, Shaking"


UPDATE: (11:37 PM)
The strange booms in Clintonville have now been ruled an earthquake four miles under the surface of the earth with a magnitude of 1.5.

"Mystery is Solved, but Clintonville Residents Still Want Answers"


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