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Friday, March 09, 2012

"Jon Baas - The Last Brillion Blogger?"

Are you looking for a Brillion blog? Wondering who has the most established blog in the Brillion, Wisconsin area? Well... you've found him. At least as far as visibility is concerned. Do a Google search. I'm the only active local blogger that shows up. Why? I don't know. I guess people around here just don't do much online (outside of Facebook, that is). To me, it seems like a missed opportunity (especially for the businesses). But, then again, maybe it's just not a small-city priority.

Point of fact, two weeks ago, the local once-a-week newspaper (that's been in print for 118 years) just started an online version. JUST last month. They created a new website for it and everything. They've even stepped up their presence in social media. While I'm thrilled to see that, especially from an established media outlet, it's still a bit sad. Counting them... and me... and the Facebook page for one of the major factories in town... that's three -- three entities in the entire Brillion area that have any sort of significant active PR-minded web presence. You'd think an international manufacturing city would be more connected than that. Apparently not.

I know I'm from the big city (aka, Milwaukee); down there people's dogs have websites. I've been online for over a decade -- my website has represented me online, my blog has been reviewed in magazines. I've gotten notoriety from it; I write what I know. When I moved here, there was one other established local blogger -- a political blogger. He had some interesting stuff -- and an interesting perspective on local politics. Unfortunately, he closed up shop and deleted the entire blog this past winter.

That leaves me. Jon Baas. I'm the only Brillion blogger left.

The pulse of Brillion comes down to me -- a tech-saavy entrepreneurial guy who moved here two years ago (and started the unofficial Brillion Facebook page) -- and the recently internet-ized Brillion News (that's just starting to build a name for themselves online).

I suppose, on one hand, that makes me a notable Brillionite. A local celebrity of sorts. But on the other hand... it's rather lonely here at the top.

If you live in Brillion, Wisconsin; if you're interested in blogging, join me. Start writing. Share what you know. Become a local personality. Because, my friend, trust me, there's plenty of room for growth here. Plenty. Ya just gotta step outside the box of "this-is-how-it's-always-been-done" and make a go of it.

Innovation takes work. Growth takes effort. But trail-blazing... that's where the fun is! Find your passion, find your niche. Blaze a trail. Build a blog!

Your Brillion-blogging friend,

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