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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"Jon Baas: WBAY Facebook Fan of the Day"

Here's a little something that made me smile:

Earlier this morning, I was featured on the local Green Bay, Wisconsin, ABC morning news as their "Facebook Fan of the Day". They displayed my photo, my name, my hometown (aka, Brillion), and, I'm going to guess, probably some brief audio as well. I didn't see the segment since I was sleeping at the time, and Kelli missed it too. However, later in the day, while Kelli was off at school, one of her former kindergarten students (now in second grade) came up to her, and informed her that "Mr. Baas was on the news this morning!"

When Kelli came home later in the day, she told me about it. I looked on the station's Facebook page, and... sure enough, there was a screenshot of my appearance on the morning news. It's a regular feature; the station picks someone from among their 32,000+ Facebook fans and features them during each morning broadcast. I just happened to be today's honoree.

In the end, it made for some great on-Facebook conversation well into the evening, it was my "fame for the day", and... it made me smile. Goal achieved! Thanks for the recognition WBAY!


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