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Saturday, December 01, 2012

"Star Trek Deep Space Niners Cap & Jersey"

Replica Star Trek Deep Space Niners Gear from Jon Baas Designs:
Deep Space Niners Black Baseball CapDeep Space Niners Baseball JerseyDeep Space Niners Replica Baseball Jersey T-Shirt

In the Star Trek universe, the professional sport of baseball had died out in the 2040s. However, by the time of "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine", in the 2370s, it was becoming popular again. Colony worlds were playing it. Captain Benjamin Sisko played it on the holodeck with his son, Jake. At one point (in the 7th season DS9 episode, "Take Me Out To The Holosuite"), a Vulcan Starfleet ship challenged Captain Sisko and his crew to a game on the holodeck. The Vulcans called their team the Vulcan Logicians; the crew of DS9 called themselves the Deep Space Niners. It was a fun episode, and one that seems to have become a fan favorite.

Since I'm a huge fan of both Star Trek and baseball, it made sense for me to create a line of Deep Space Niners gear for my store. I've recreated the actual DS9ers logo, as seen in the episode, and I've placed it on a replica baseball cap. I've also created an accurate t-shirt replica of the game jersey the Niners wore. Additional items such as other Deep Space Niners t-shirts, dark apparel, housewares, a collectable shot glass, pillows, bags and more can also be found on my Deep Space Niners product page.

All of my Star Trek designs are officially licensed by CBS/Paramount, and available at Jon Baas Designs. Click one of the links or images above to see that particular product.

Be sure to check out my other Star Trek products as well.

Thanks for stopping by! If there is anything I can help you with, let me know.

Your happily blogging Star Trek friend,

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