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Friday, January 11, 2013

"Guns Are Not The Problem"

You know, this whole current "gun debate" is getting ridiculous. People are focusing on the wrong thing -- and they refuse to see it. They're trying to treat a symptom, rather than focus on the root of the problem. Guns are NOT the root of this problem.

A gun is just a tool. Just like a sword, or a knife, or a screwdriver... or a hammer is a tool. How about we focus on the real problem.... our culture's fascination with obscene violence in movies, video games, television, etc. THAT is what motivates individuals (mentally ill or not) to choose to take the violence they see in fiction around them, and bring it into reality. THAT is the cause of terrible shootings like the one at Sandy Hook.

Blaming guns for terrible shootings, is like blaming your spoon for causing you to choke on the Cheerios YOU put into your mouth at breakfast.


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