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Monday, January 28, 2013

"How To Be Heard On Facebook and Twitter"

Being successful on social media sites isn't as easy at it looks. Reaching fans and followers is a lot of hard work. More often than not, our voices lose their uniqueness, and we get lost in the drone of a constantly moving Facebook/Twitter feed. We disappear into the hum. We become average. We fail to stand out. There's nothing more frustrating than talking to a non-responsive audience.

So, how do we cut through all the noise? How do we make sure our fans and followers hear what we have to say? The answer is simple: Build relationships. 

Take the time and go out of your way to make your fans feel welcome and appreciated. Personally respond to all comments. Retweet. Tag your comments by name. Encourage discussion. Participate in the discussion. Listen. Put yourself last.

We're led to believe that social media is all about us. Me, myself, and I. We're led to believe it's all about OUR lives, what WE feel is important, what WE think other people should know. That may be true of a personal Facebook account (where your friends will love you no matter what), but to be truly successful with your fans and followers, you have to change that thinking. You have to make the fan more important than yourself. You have to give your followers a reason to want to "like" or "follow" you. If you make your social presence all about you, people will lose interest; ego is a big turn off. But if you put them first, if you meet their needs, if you share things THEY want to hear about.... your fan base will grow. Slowly, perhaps, but it WILL grow.

Set aside the time to be genuine and personable. Put in the effort. Remove the ego. The more you listen and answer, the more likely you are to be heard.


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