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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

"Everyday Love"

Here's a little reminder for all of us, especially when we're feeling down or alone. Courtesy of the WELS and
"If you walk through the doors of the Truman Library in Independence, Missouri, you can view artifacts and documents from some of the most consequential years in the 20th Century. In room after room, on shelf after shelf, you can research the end of World War II, the beginning of the Cold War, the rebuilding of Europe, the Korean War, and everything in between.

Somewhere in that library, you also will find a collection of over 1,300 letters. These letters, however, have little to do with historic events of the 20th Century. They are, nevertheless, something extraordinary. You see, President Truman made it a point to write a letter to his wife, Bess, every day they were apart for any reason.

Many of the letters are simple updates on minor things. Others, of course, do mention world leaders. But it's the sheer number of letters that makes the real impact. To see those letters all together is to see the evidence of one man's steady, faithful love for his wife.

God's love for you is often not in the big and the dramatic. Very often his love for you is in the regular routine of life. He's the One who sees to it that you get something to eat. He's the One who sees to it that you have a place to sleep and something to wear. He's the One who sees to it that you receive an encouraging word when you need it. Most of all, he's the One who sees to it that his forgiveness of your sin is fresh and new for you every day. Your face was on his heart when he sent his Son to the cross for your sins and raised him from the dead.

Through faith in Jesus, that's the love God has for you. It's a love that is at work in your life every single day."

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