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Thursday, May 16, 2013

"Why I Love Star Trek"

I'm watching an early-morning re-broadcast of a History Channel documentary called "Star Trek: Secrets of the Universe". It's about the science behind this weekend's USA premiere of the movie, "Star Trek Into Darkness" [spoilers!]. This documentary features behind-the-scenes on-set filming clips, scientist interviews, the real-life physics of Star Trek, clips from the movie, and more.

It's a fascinating look at both the movie, as well as humanity's passion for the stars, astronomy, and the exploration of that vast frontier that surrounds our planet.

If you want to know why I adore Star Trek so much, it can be summed up in one word: "curiosity".

If Star Trek could inspire thousands of today's scientists, physicists, astronomers, writers, actors, directors.... (the list goes on), then count me among those intellectual dreamers. Space is our final frontier. Star Trek is a manifestation of our curiosity about that vast undiscovered frontier.

I am, therefore, proud to consider myself a dreamer among the stars, a life-long Trekkie, and someone who's passion for the unknown is shared by some of the greatest minds known to mankind. Feed my curiosity, J.J. -- I'm ready!


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