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Sunday, September 01, 2013

"Star Trek Baseball History: 2013"

It's no secret that I love Star Trek (I'm a big Trekkie!)... and I love the game of baseball (ever since I was a child). I also love finding unique ways to combine the things that I love. Baseball plays a part in the Star Trek universe, yet, within that universe, very little is actually known about the history of the game. We know some basic facts, we know a little about the career of fictional ballplayer, Buck Bokai, but the rest is, well, remarkably absent.

So, that being said, I thought I'd start a fun new project. You're welcome to follow along if you like. I'm going to simulate the entire Star Trek future history of Major League Baseball -- and I'm going to do so with as much realism as possible, courtesy of Baseball Mogul 2014. I'll simulate the seasons one at a time, and then I'll share the basic stats, standings, and milestones from each season right here on my blog.

I'm going to incorporate all of the baseball details mentioned in Star Trek (if it's in Star Trek, it'll be in my simulation!). Then I'll expand upon those details, and simulate a possible history for the final years of baseball in the Star Trek universe. I'll start with the current season (2013), and I'll go until the end of the 2042 World Series. For fun I'll be managing my favorite real-life team -- the Milwaukee Brewers; the computer will handle all of the other teams.

In the end, while my simulation won't be canon to the Star Trek universe, it will be my contribution to the possible Star Trek future. It will also shape background details in my popular Star Trek real-time fan series, "UFP: Starfleet Academy" -- currently playing out on Facebook.

So.... baseball and Star Trek. Sounds like fun! Let's get started!

See Other Seasons -- 2013 // 2014

2013 -- What We Know

In Star Trek, there are no baseball references to the 2013 baseball season. So, this one's open to interpretation. I've pursued it as an alternate simulation of the real-life 2013 MLB season: The Houston Astros have moved to the American League, and players have been appropriately suspended for performance enhancing drug use.

I started the season with the real-life Opening Day rosters, and I've let things play out from there. Each player's performances is derived from real-life talent; on-field gameplay follows an alternate course; injuries show up unexpectedly; team finances are a result of franchise performance.... all that good stuff. As a result, the end of the 2013 season will differ from real life.

2013 -- End of Season Results

World Series:
Detroit Tigers vs. Atlanta Braves -- (4 games to 2)

National League Pennant:
Atlanta Braves vs. Colorado Rockies -- (4 games to 0)

American League Pennant:
Detroit Tigers vs. New York Yankees -- (4 games to 3)

See 2013 Season Standings

NL MVP: -- Alex Presley (Pittsburgh) -- CF
NL Cy Young: --Wandy Rodriguez (Pittsburgh) -- SP
NL Rookie of the Year: -- Nick Noonan (San Francisco) -- 2B

NL Home Run King: -- Tyler Colvin (Colorado); Aramis Ramirez (Milwaukee) -- 38
NL Batting Title: -- Xavier Paul (Cincinnati) -- .361
NL Stolen Base Leader: -- Norichika Aoki (Milwaukee) -- 48
NL Strikeout King: -- Tim Lincecum (San Francisco) -- 229
NL ERA Leader: -- Zack Greinke (LA Dodgers) -- 2.07

AL MVP: -- Albert Pujols (LA Angels) -- 1B
AL Cy Young: -- Blake Beaven (Seattle) -- SP
AL Rookie of the Year: -- Chen Lee (Cleveland) -- SP

AL Home Run King: -- Albert Pujols (LA Angels) -- 39
AL Batting Title: -- Joe Mauer (Minnesota) -- .343
AL Stolen Base Leader: -- Darin Mastroianni (Minnesota) -- 35
AL Strikeout King: -- Chris Sale (Chicago WS) -- 230
AL ERA Leader: -- Blake Beaven (Seattle) -- 2.76

2013 Hall of Fame Inductees -- (players only)
- Deacon White -- 3B -- retired in 1890

2013 Timeline/Milestones

April 26 -- Zack Greinke (LA Dodgers) pitches a no-hitter against the Milwaukee Brewers.
May 1 -- Richard Clayton (San Diego) pitches a perfect game against the Chicago Cubs.
May 7 -- Anibal Sanchez (Detroit) pitches a no-hitter against the Washington Nationals.
June 1 -- Jose Reyes (Toronto) hits for the cycle.
June 4 -- Jacoby Ellsbury (Boston) hits for the cycle.
July 22 -- Ryan Braun (Milwaukee) is suspended for drug use.
Aug. 5 -- Alex Rodriguez (NY Yankees)is suspended for drug use. Appeals. Keeps playing.
Aug. 5 -- Nelson Cruz (Texas) is suspended for drug use.
Aug. 5 -- Everth Cabrera (San Diego) is suspended for drug use.
Aug. 5 -- Jhonny Peralta (Detroit) is suspended for drug use.
Aug. 5 -- Antonio Bastardo (Houston) is suspended for drug use.
Aug. 5 -- Francisco Cervelli (NY Yankees) is suspended for drug use.
Aug. 5 -- Jordany Valdespin (NY Mets) is suspended for drug use.
Aug. 5 -- Jesus Montera (Seattle) is suspended for drug use.
Aug. 5 -- Cesar Puello (NY Mets) is suspended for drug use.
Aug. 5 -- Sergio Escalona (Houston) is suspended for drug use.
Aug. 5 -- Fernando Martinez (Houston) is suspended for drug use.
Aug. 5 -- Fautino De Los Santos (San Diego) suspended for drug use.
Aug. 5 -- Jordan Norberto (Oakland) is suspended for drug use.
Aug. 17 -- Miguel Tejada (Kansas City) is suspended for drug use.
Aug. 18 -- Cord Phelps (Cleveland) hits for the cycle.

See Other Seasons -- 2013 // 2014

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