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Wednesday, October 30, 2002

"All is well in the land of Jon...."

Well, it's early morning Wednesday already.... My, how time flies! I've already worked Sunday, Monday, and had my first of two days off on Tuesday.... Both days at work were good days, and thus far my Tuesday off has been relaxing. After that seemingly long 'work week' for me, my 'weekend' is much appreciated, and I am enjoying it, so that's what counts, right? :)

Unfortunately, right now, it has gotten a bit late, and I think bed is a worthy candidate for the schedule at this time of night. I write though to say hi, wish you all a blessed Wednesday, and to just say I have not forgotten about you since Sunday... [chuckle].

I'll catch you later in the day, but until then, God's blessings! Much love from me....

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Sunday, October 27, 2002

"That Darn Tuxedo!"

I gotta get me one of those!.... Tuxedos that is.

After my rather emotionally painful stint among the caffeine-charged nose-crinckling beverages, I hung around B&N for a bit and waited for a friend and co-worker, Andy, to complete his shift. We had decided we both could use a little time hanging out after work, so we made plans to do just that after we both got done for the day. I appreciated the opportunity greatly. With my current work schedule, my other friends still in college or off and married already, and limited time to get together with friends who are around but also quite busy, my 'social life' has been rather nill lately. I needed to get out and just hang out with a friend or two. I really appreciated the opportunity to do so this evening.

Andy's a cool guy. He was hired at B&N about the same time as I, so essentially we're both pretty much on the same level there. What's most notable though is that he and I share a common passion -- STAR TREK! Anyone who shares my interest in all things Star Trek like Andy does, is pretty cool in my book. Gotta love Star Trek. If you're not a fan of the show(s), shame on you! (ok, I'm just kidding, but seriously, what's not to like? ... [smile] )....

Well, anyway, potential passionate Star Trek comments aside (as could happen if I keep talking Star Trek rigtbhere right now....), Andy and I seem to get along quite well. I am eager to get to know the guy further. He could become a pretty good friend at this rate.... Having co-workers you like and get along with is wonderful.... (Oh, and truth is, there are a lot of fellow Trek fans at B&N.... so I'm liking my fellow coworkers and place of employment all the more, sans the coffee of course!)

Well, after we both concluded our hours of work, we decided to make part of our hanging out, to go see the new Jackie Chan movie, "The Tuxedo." My brief review: It was a stitch, and well worth going to see. The gist: give a karate-kicking accidental spy like Jackie Chan an experimental 'Superman-suit' tuxedo and watch what happens. The result is a movie with the typical matial arts finesse and uniquely entertaining witty humor of Jackie Chan. If you haven't seen it yet, it is worth the ticket price, and far from depressing. I left the theatre thinking (along with Andy), this was a worthy entertaining way to spend the evening. Great movie... and if you think about it, who was the lead character in the movie, Jackie Chan, or the tailored garment? Makes you wonder doesn't it.... A whole movie about one item of clothing.... interesting. :)

If you're looking for brilliant acting and dramatic tension, maybe another movie would be a better selection, but if you want entertainment, Chan certainly delivers, yet again! Go see it, and hey, umm, if anyone has one of those experimental tuxedos, can I, umm, borrow it for a while?.... [wide, sarcastic grin]

Have a great Monday all. I'll catch you again on the marrow.

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"I really hate coffee!"

Today (Saturday) I worked. I was 'on-call'. I called an hour before my 'scheduled' time, as is the required practice, and lo and behold, I was 'needed'. I won't complain though, I can always use the hours, and the resulting larger paycheck....

...To cut straight to the gist of things, though, today was worse than yesterday's busy day at the registers. Since I was technically not scheduled to work anywhere in specific, I was placed in the Barnes and Noble cafe for my duration at work. Great.

But what's so bad about working in the cafe, you may ask? Well, for one, I've vowed never to ever work in a fast-food environment -- not my cup of tea. Two, the place has a pungent aroma of coffee -- I hate coffee. I'm not a drinker, never liked the taste much, and the smell makes me kind of queasy. Three, I don't know the difference from a Mocha Latte, and a Frapaccino -- don't care really... I don't drink the stuff anyway.

Don't get me wrong though, I can handle an hour or so filling in for someone if there is a desperate need and I'm the last available candidate, but not a six hour shift. The store placed, me, a coffee-hater, in a coffee-lover's heaven. Sure, they placed me at the register and my cafe co-workers made the strange beverages. I just forwarded the questions the customers had to the more knowledged. I took and processed their money. Easy enough. You'd think so anyway....

It get's better though.

You know how my day at work at the registers on Friday was a busy one with maybe a 6-10 person line most of the time? Well, make that 10-12 people at any given time waiting for a beverage or pastry item to be made/gathered for them. One person would get through the line and immediately be replaced by more people. It never ended! How can such a pungent, disgusting beverage be so popular?... and expensive. (no offense to B&N, but coffee shouldn't cost that much either.)... But, what do you expect, I guess that's what happens when it carries the Starbucks Coffee brand name, right? ... [grin]

I ended up going on 'robot-mode' typing in strange codes that cooresponded with whatever coffee beverage or cafe pastry was on the menu. I ended up doing the old, "punch register buttons, tell customer what the screen says" sort of thing. I'm still alive, so I made it through the ordeal, but it was 'painful' and sometimes not the sweetest-smelling..... Oh, yeah, and I sit here now typing this with the coffee aroma still imprinted on my senses.... [sigh].

Oh, well, I work tomarrow, and as is usually the case in Sundays, I'm back at the register on the book floor.... and oh, how sweet THAT will smell to this poor coffee survivor! [chuckles]

Take care all, and if you like coffee.... well, you are a brave brave soul. ... :)

Your blogging friend,

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Saturday, October 26, 2002

"Christmas: October 25, 2002."

Going in to work today, I would have thought today was Christmas already.

When I get off the bus to work, I go through the Boston Store in the mall that the Barnes and Noble 'superstore' I work in is located... (it's a shortcut to B&N)... Well, their entire store is already decorated for Christmas -- everything from elaborately decorated and lit Christmas trees, to beautiful ribbons and bows all over the store, to even displays featuring beautifully wrapped presents and such.... The whole nine yards. It's not even Halloween yet.

Then, my 8+ hours working at Barnes and Noble today was literally the kind of rush you find during the 'Christmas Shopping season.' Pretty much the entire mall's parking lot was packed, with customers coming in and complaing that they couldn't find a parking space. I saw more shoppers in the store than any single day I've worked there in the past two months. I had an average line of 6-10 people waiting to be checked out at my register at any given time. It was basically SO busy, I never had time to stop and realize that time was passing. Granted time passed in a blink, but now I'm feeling a bit tired, and hoping my next work day isn't like this.... (I find it somewhat hard to believe that a teacher's conference day -- all school's in the city were off today -- was the cause of this insane rush. You'd think that if school was off, kids would want to stay AWAY from books.... Hmmm, go figure.)

And if that's not convincing enough, it was cold and rainy.... rained all day. If it were only a few degrees colder, the rain could have just as easily been snow flurries.

Christmas in October? Apparently. Though if so, I must have somehow missed Halloween and Thanksgiving. Working retail can get a little confusing sometimes.... [smile]

Catch you all later sometime. I'm scheduled to work all weekend.... full work days. We'll see how it goes ... Just as long is it isn't like it was today... [sigh]


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Thursday, October 24, 2002

"Things don't always go as planned."

Tuesday evening wasn't quite as fruitful as I had hoped it would be. Ironically, I never did get to the emails, job-hunt, and sending out more resumes. I ended up being a bum and getting caught up in other, less mentally-stimulating tasks. In short, I didn't do any 'job-hunting'. Bummer.

Wednesday -- day two of my days off this week -- was also less productive than I had hoped. (I'm noticing this seems to be a trend when I have the day off from work.... Hmm, strange...). ...Anyway, I awoke about 11:30am, and by noon was getting ready to watch "Sliders" on the Sci-Fi Channel. My friend Scott called about ten-to-noon and we talked for about thirty minutes. Unfortunately, he too seems to be under the weather now; It must be cold season. He decided to call in sick for work today too. I certainly hope he feels better, especially his voice. Mine is coming back; his is disappearing.... [sigh]

Well, anyway, I ended up watching the rest of "Sliders" and then sticking around the living room for "Gene Roddenbury's Earth Final Conflict", and then "First Wave." All three episodes were good. I'm rather enjoying these three shows, and since I can watch them most days, I'm kind of getting into them a bit too. Hey, why not right? :)

Ironically, once 3pm rolled around, and the last episode ended, I was feeling strangely tired. You know what I did? I went to bed. Normally this is good to do when you're tired, but, in this case, I slept for four hours. I'd slept my afternoon away and that hadn't even been on my to-do list!

I woke up by 7pm, made dinner, and then enjoyed an all new episode of "The Twilight Zone" at 8pm. Then, it was back to doing little odds and ends, and various ongoing projects. I still have not gotten to the resumes, calling the employment agencies, emailing out job inquiries, and a few other items I really wanted to work on today....

It's funny how things like this work. You have a day off, and plans all laid out, and then what happens?... Something else pops up and diverts your attention towards other lesser-important things. I thought I left this kind of procrastination in my college apartment before I graduated in the spring? Maybe it's catching up with me en masse again...

I hate it when that happens.

Oh, well, I guess there's always some time tomarrow.... more if I'm not needed at work. ...[sigh]

Now it's 5am Thursday morning, my sleeping schedule is all screwed up, and I still have that same to-do list to take care of.... I guess I I'm just going to go grab a shower and get a few more hours of sleep. I gotta be up by noon anyway to catch another episode of "Sliders"... [hehehe]

Catch ya all tomarrow sometime. :)

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Tuesday, October 22, 2002

"My voice is back (sort of)... job offers to follow (I hope)."

Work on Monday actually went well, despite the fact that it still sounding like my voice was being rubbed across two dry planks of wood. The energy was there, enough to get me through my shift, anyway. ... There wasn't really too much else to say of work though. It just wasn't a day I was too keen to be on the clock, although I'm getting pretty good at being able to keep a positive attitude throughout.

I got home late last night since I worked the evening shift. I guess I can live with those hours. I actually put in a request to have my hours changed to create a more static schedule, as well as give me the weekends off. I hate having to work on Sundays (and Saturday as I am scheduled for this week and next). I hope it goes through. I think, as long as I am still working primarily at Barnes and Noble, I'd might as well try and get the best out of it that I can. :)

This morning (Tuesday) I was able to safely sleep in (till close to noon), which I think has also helped this cold disappear a bit more as well. I have most of my voice back, though it's still not as flexible as usual. That'll come with time though I'm sure. As long as I can talk without sounding like a piece of sandpaper, I'm fine. ... [grins]

Today, my first of two days off, sees me taking care of computer matters, and later today, emailing out a few job resumes. Tomarrow, Wednesday, I'll probably hit the streets with a few resumes, and maybe stop in at an employment agency or two and see what they can do for me. Yeah, it's back to the ole job hunt, this time for something with potential of a larger paycheck. Hey, I can pursue creative stuff like acting and such, but without an income, even an struggling actor is digging himself a premature grave.

Wish me luck... I'll probably need it. :)

Take care all, and until a little bit later,

Your optimistic blogging friend,

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Monday, October 21, 2002

"Raise your voices... If you've still got 'em."

You know, we really do take certain things in life for granted. When was the last time you tried, by choice, to go without talking at all for a whole day? Probably not recently. Today, I had very little of my voice thanks to this cold I have.... and I'll tell you, it can hinder a lot, especially when a conversation is in question.

I actually did have some of my voice, but I no doubt sounded like a I had a few rocks stuck in my vocal cords. I tried to do as little talking as possible, and I do think I'm starting to get my normal voice back. I kind of had that feeling that I was stripped naked of one of the things I take most granted in life. Good thing this loss of voice is a temporary thing (at least I hope so), I rely on it way to much.

Well, today I stayed home from work. I didn't exactly get to the book(s) I wanted to read. Plans never always go exactly like we expect it seems. I ended up taking a six hour nap, and then joining my apartmentmate, Noah, in the living room to watch the Sunday Packer game. I'm not a huge fan of watching football games, but I will be honest, this 30-9 victory was a doosy of a game, and, when I'm home from work on a sickday and taking it easy, what else is there to do? ... [smiles sarcastically]

I then hung out, mostly on the couch for the rest of the day. I'm not usually a couch potatoe, but honestly, when you feel weak from the common cold virus, just relaxing feels heavenly!....

I did catch an episode of the new television series, "American Dreams", on NBC this evening. I think I may be a new fan of the show. Granted I've only seen that one episode, but it came across as very well done. I may have to tape some future episodes, since I normally work on Sundays (at least for now anyway). Anyone else like the show? Comments?

Well, it's time for bed now. I do plan to go into work tomarrow afternoon, even if I still do need to take a marker board with me to replace the use of my voice. I figure I'd better stock up on sleep. It'll help 'repair' my cold-stricken body (especially my stuffed up sinuses). Besides, if I don't yet have my full voice by tomarrow, at least I'll have energy to keep me going at work.

Well, God's blessings on the start of a new week.

Your blogging friend,

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Sunday, October 20, 2002

"Under the weather."

My appologies for not writing since Thursday. There were some items that I wanted to muse upon, at the time, but since I never got here to write, they've sadly slipped my mind. I guess such musings will have to wait until next time.... [sigh]

Anyway, My absense is due to the cold weather. It finally seems to have gotten the best of me and left me with a miserable cold. I've got those lovely sniffles, stuffed up sinuses, disappearing voice, and weak limbs that are screaming, "Jon, take a rest... you ain't going anywhere for a while."

Of course, having a cold like this also means I'm not going to work today. I figure Barnes and Noble would rather not have me passing along such sniffles to thier customers, especially the children (Sundays I work the register up in the children's book department). That, and how the heck am I going to function at a register if I can't tell the customer how much his purchase comes to (since I have no voice, or would undoubtedly lose what little of it I have left through the course of my eight hour shift). That, and with me being weak like this, I'm already at a disadvantage.

Oh, well, I suppose a day off like this will afford me the chance to curl up with a good book and read for a while. Honestly, that's about all I really want to do today. I can handle giving my fingers a workout typing at my PC, but, those books on my shelf are really calling me. I might as well take this opportunity to read them... [smiles wanely]

I'll take it easy today, and be back to work again tomarrow. Granted I lose a whole $48 by not working today.... but health comes first, right?.

I'll catch you all at a later date.

Your sniffly blogging friend,

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Thursday, October 17, 2002

"Jon Baas cast in a Hollywood film!"

Hey, did you know that right now, in an alternate universe, there is a Jon Baas currently living out in California and pursuing his acting career with limited, but growing success? He has recently been cast in the 2003 film (release date TBA) "Girl With a Pearl Earing" about the life of the young lady depicted in Johannes Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earring. It tells the story of a 16-year-old housemaid employed by the Vermeer family, who cared for his six children, and effectively worked for his wife, and his mother-in-law. Ironically that is that alternate Jon Baas' first notable role in a major Hollywood film. Currently he is filming over in the Netherlands. Pretty cool huh?! (oh, and yes, this is a real film coming out in our reality as well...)

I also found out, that in another alternate reality, another Jon Baas is currently finding quite a bit of success as an actor here in Milwaukee (moreso than me in our reality). He is pursuing quite a successful commerical acting career right now, showing up in a lot of local Milwaukee media. He seems quite happy with that career right now, though it appears he does long to get cast in something with more dramatic substance. Recently, though, he was cast in the local Independant film, "Bound to Come Around" as the title character of Tate Cameron, a role quite similar to himself. He's rather excited for that -- his first major film role. Filming starts in December 2002.

Oh, yeah, and in my inter-dimensional online research this evening, I also found out that there is a Jon Baas in another reality that is currently in Medical School. Jon Baas, a doctor?! Yeah, I was a little surprised too! Good thing that's another reality. I'm a little squeamish around blood and hospitals. :)

Interestingly enough, there is also a Jon Baas, in another reality, who is getting some really nice buzz in the world of country music. It appears he's on the road to being a 'Garth Brooks' of that timeline. Pretty cool. Me... Umm, unfortuantely I'm not really musically trained. Bummer.

Oh, and get this, there's a Jon Baas who recently graduated from West Point. Right now, he has the rank of Lieutenant in the US Military, and works at the Pentagon in Washington DC! Ironically, in that reality, it appears there was never a September 11, 2001 'Terror Attack' on America. Good news. .... That's one smart guy! I can assure you though, he and I seem to have taken directly diverging paths in life. I, personally, have no interest in joining the military. That Jon Baas, however, seems to have a very bright miltary career ahead of him. Strange how time works.

Gotta love alternate history "what-if's".... "Infinite worlds, with infinite possibilities!"

Be careful the next time you're about to make a big decision. Just remember that there is another reality where you didn't make that decision. Oooooh, the possibilities!

Catch ya next time.... in this reality. :)

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"My weekly vacation...."

It's early Thursday morning already. 'Early' meaning almost 2am at night. Right now I'm sitting here writing stuff on my computer and listening to the local country radio station playing their late night "After Midnight" program. I haven't done this in quite some time. Besides, I figure, if I do work tomarrow (I'm 'on-call' and won't know if I go in until I call at 5 pm and find out), I can still sleep in. I don't have to think about heading out until work until about 5pm. That means, no matter what, I still have most of the afternoon to myself anyway.

I'll probably do what I did today, and sleep in till about 11 am, get up, and watch one of my favorite telvision shows, "Sliders", at noon on the Sci-Fi Channel. Then I'll work on other little things until I call work. Yeah, I know it sounds somewhat mundane, but I normally can't do this. I usually work. Consider it my vacation each week. When you look at it that way, what's so wrong with it. Besides, due to my regular work schedule, my internal clock considers 11am - 2am normal 'awake hours' for me anyway. Right now, I'm wide awake. [smile]

Hmmm, what to do with one more hour before bed? .... [chuckles]

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Wednesday, October 16, 2002

"Almost Famous."

Hollywood film contract .... 25 million dollars.

Celebrity real estate .... Through the roof.

Where I am right now in life... (no car, temporarily sufficient job, just barely paying the bills.... but living the simple life and following my dreams, goals, and passions despite what the crowd may be saying....) .... Priceless.

Find a dream and pursue it with all you heart. Be simple-minded, and success will follow. For, afterall, it is only the simple-minded that really ever find true success and happiness. .... Think about it.

Have a blessed Wednesday.

PS - Mark, "Almost Famous,".... I enjoyed watching it this (Tuesday) evening. Thank you for the opportunity ... and the above 'reminder'. :)

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Monday, October 14, 2002

"Sunday: Feeling a little empty...."

Despite getting plenty of sleep the night before, and building up the energy before going into work on Sunday, I still felt as if I wasn't as full of energy as I usually am. Work went well, but I just felt a little drained from the start. My usual friendly smile, optimistic attitude, and helpful demeanor weren't hard to find.... Those are almost second nature to me now I guess. It's just the energy, though, that felt a little lower than it could be.

I've been starting to wonder why this is. Some days I'm flying high and full of energy, such as if I'm going on stage in a few minutes.... but then other times, I just feel strangely sub-par. I love work, and do, for the most part, look forward to going in every day, but maybe it's the fact that when I go in, I know exactly what I am going to be doing for the next eight hours and there is little chance that that will change much from what I can anticipate. I work at a cash register in a bookstore, as well as provide information to customers seeking a book or item. It's pretty much the same every time I go in. I am happy to live with that right now, I just feel somewhat empty doing so sometimes.

I love interacting with the people, working with the employees, and hanging out in the bookstore environment all day, but I'm really starting to crave the creative things that I can't really do there -- like sitting down and creating a drawing or some sort of detailed artwork all day, immersing myself into a character either on stage or in front of the camera, or even just preparing for an audition or rehearsing a script.... In short, I guess my creative self is getting restless.

Sure, I have some time to do these things when I am not at work, but not as much as I would like. By the time I am home from work, I'm tired, and not really all that motivated to sit down and start something at midnight, ....especially with the same kind of work to look forward to the next day.

Maybe part of it isn't really just the sales associate kind of employment I currently have, but other factors not directly linked to that. I mean, I'd love to have a job that provides a little more of a paycheck. I'm basically in a 'time for money' sort of job. I give them a huge chunk of my time (7-8 hours each day), but it always feels as though they are getting the better end of the deal. Don't get me wrong, I do love the job I have right now, and even if I find something by way of a second job, I do intend to stick with Barnes and Noble. It's just that I sometimes feel my time is worth more (especially to me) than what I get payed for it. That, and I'm just not really able to put my true talents to work for the company. What use does a major book store have for the talents of someone who literally craves artistic and theatrical creativity? My creative self is getting very restless....

Oh, well, I guess I'm just a little depressed at the lack of opportunities for me to employ what I am so passionate about. Everyone's gotta pay their dues right? ....

I guess to be honest though, I can't really feel depressed indefinately. I always seem to end up having strange ideas cross my mind as to how I can MAKE those opportunities a reality. ... Unfortunately, the sad thing is, I think my ideas may be a little far-fetched and get me into 'trouble' if I try to employ them.

See, I've thought about creating a character to drop myself into as I stand at the register(s) at work and ring up people's purchases. Maybe not an outlandish role/character... but something that requires me to act somehow, to be even slightly different than who Jon Baas really is. I've thought of taking on some kind of accent.... or something simple for starters, but then I come back to the question(s), "Is this something counter-productive for the company? Would I be doing something that even if I thought harmless and simple, would 'give the company a bad reputation of some kind? Would I be over-stepping my bounds as an employee of Barnes and Noble?" Maybe I just have to take the risk and find out huh.

.... Hey, maybe in my downtime I can do a little drawing as I stand at the register waiting for customers?... Maybe I can read something, a magazine perhaps?... I already use the time as time to cook up ideas in my head for other projects I undertake in the time I do not give to my employer....

Oh, well. I knew this would happen. I've been at Barnes and Noble for almost a month and a half. I guess this was to be expected.

Sunday, wasn't by any means a bad day.... just a somewhat uninspired one. I think I just need more inspiration, more opportunity to create.... more time to follow my passions. I don't know how this week will play out yet. Sadly, work is about the only thing of note on my schedule so far. ... No Hannah.... no socializing.... just work. I'll continue to dedicate myself to enjoying it, but I think I'm probably still going to be feeling a little empty this week.

Ah, well, enough 'musing' for now. I have to catch a bus to work shortly.... then I work till late... come home, have something to eat, sleep six hours, and go back to work.... Fun.

I'll catch you all with something hopefully more upbeat later, probably tomarrow afternoon/evening after work.

Until then, your blogging friend,

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Sunday, October 13, 2002

"Saturday: Just shootin' the breeze...."

I had the day off from work today. Saturdays are normally like that, though it appears exceptions are in order for next week. I guess I work next Saturday. Oh well... Today though, I slept in, had a business meeting in the afternoon (which I'll talk about sometime... lol), and did little odds and ends around the apartment, culminating in a little chatting with family online courtesy of AOL Instant messanger. Yeah, it was a good day off. I little chilly outside perhaps, but not too bad of a day overall.

Oh, incidently, I splurged today after having discovered that my local grocery store has a bakery (go figure.... lol). I haven't had a raspberry jelly-filled doughnut in what seems like ages, so I made sure to savor every last bit of this one. I'm not sure if it's a good thing that I discovered that the bakery section carries my favorite pastry though. ... I may be frequenting their selection a bit from time to time.I gotta have my occassional jelly-filled doughnut you know. ... [chuckle].

Well, words are few tonight. Time for bed. I shall catch you all upon the morrow.... hopefully. :)

Your friendly blogging friend,

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Saturday, October 12, 2002

"Friday: A wonderful day; and... Jon meets a celebrity?"

Friday was a good day, and to be honest, just saying that seems to sum it all up nicely. It was a wonderfully pleasant warm Autumn day here in the the wonderful city of Milwaukee. Unfortunately I had to spend the majority of it indoors at work. Oh, well, the walk/ bus-ride home was nice anyway. [chuckles]

Work was equally pleasant. The day just seemed to fly by as I cheerfully did my job. I kind of wonder if my cheery attitude and friendly smile had an affect on the people that I rang through at my cash register. Most all of the customers were in good spirits too, so I suppose it's a safe bet. I can only hope their shopping experience ended on a high note with me leaving them with a smile. No matter though, I'm just happy to do my job and interact with people. Afterall, that's what I like about that job -- the people.

Oh, on an interesting note, I personally met and talked with a 'celebrity' of sorts today, though it didn't really register right away, as if it had been, say, Tom Hanks standing at my register. (FYI, no, it wasn't Tom Hanks... lol). .... Actually, this celebrity was one of the three candidates for Governor of Wisconsin -- Ed Thompson. (You'd likely recognize his more famous brother, Tommy G. Thompson, former WI Governor, and now a US Senator I think?) .... Anyway, I'll be honest, it took me a little bit by surprise to have this man come up to my register in the bookstore and ask where a certain book was, first shaking my hand and introducing himself as candidate for State Governor! Most of my customers don't do that.

Unfortunately, we didn't have the book he was looking for, however, he did find something else, so I think his visit to my Barnes and Noble was a worthwhile one. ... (And hey, you know, maybe someday he can say he met the well-known actor, Jon Baas, in a bookstore in Milwaukee -- before his days of acting success... (Hey, I can dream and be optimistic can't I?... [lol]...))

You know, I'll be honest, I really have no idea whom I'll vote for in the state election in 24 days, but I can say this, if Mr. Thompson wins, well, then I've shaken the hand of my State Governor ... and at a time I least expected it too. An interesting thought, if you think about it.

Ah, well, it was indeed a good day today. I felt like whistling quite often (meaning I was in good spirits), and I got to meet more interesting people, including one of three candidates for Governor of Wisconsin! ... Yeah, pretty cool day indeed! ... I need more days like this. It makes life all the more exciting!

Well, have a great weekend all, and until I post again, much love from me. [smile]

Your blogging friend,

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Friday, October 11, 2002

"Thursday: The day that was supposed to be Wednesday."

There really isn't a whole lot to say about today, Thursday. I woke up early, with the intent to get cracking at what I was unable to get to on Wednesday since I slept most of the day. I was successful, for the most part, though not as productive as I had hoped. Oh, well, at least the project at hand was not pressing. Honestly, it was just a major addition to, and there really isn't a deadline.... I just wanted to get it completed so I wouldn't have to keep mulling over the concepts and designs in my head. The first of a few parts of that project is done now, so I guess I was productive. That's all I can ask for. :)

Incidently, if you are interested, you may want to check out the days addition to this website, the Library. Basically, it provides my personal reviews and recommendations regarding the books I am currently reading, noteworthy films, favorite television shows (and forthcoming 'reviews' regarding them), and so on. It's a section designed to evolve and grow quite a bit over time. Besides, it also provides you an opportinuty to sample some of the wonderful books and such out there that you may not have heard of.... Check it out. You might like it. :)

Alas, however, that was my Thursday. I was scheduled to work starting at 6pm, however, since I was 'on-call', it ended up being that they didn't need me to come in. Essentially that just meant I had another day off. Cool, sort of. I work tomarrow, Friday.... full day. Of course, I also get payed too (a considerable amount of green), so I'm a little bit eager for that....

But, for now, it's off to bed.... to dream about more soldiers in colored uniforms (see previous post), and missing strange reunions.... Ahh, the wonderful creations of the human mind!... [LOL!]

Have a blessed Friday everyone, and I'll see you in the evening.

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Thursday, October 10, 2002

"Call me strange, but was that a green Frenchman?"

Wednesday I woke up, VERY well rested. I guess I wasn't kidding when I said I was tired Tuesday night. I slept like a baby, literally. I guess though, my body really needed the sleep. Unfortunately however, though I don't really know why, I also awoke with a bit of a headache. Let me tell you, it's an interesting state to be in when you are feeling rested and full of energy, yet you have a headache that always seems to distract you. Then, it slowly wears away that energy, even when you aren't doing anything strenuous.

You want to know the inevitable result of such a physical state?... Yep, sleep. That's strangely what I did too. I was well-rested, yet I slept away my morning, even after having gotten up for a while. Very strange. It was my day off from work though so I didn't worry much, but still, it was rather baffling.... and sadly I didn't get very far on my "to-do list".

By about 2pm, my headache was gone (partly due to the marvels of tylenol...), and I no longer had this subcontious desire to sleep. I was finally ready to pursue my plans for the day, even if already behind by a few hours.

Of course, aside from the physical wierdness this strange Wednesday morning, I was also pondering a very peciliar dream (that likely meant nothing other than serving to keep my mind active during a deep morning sleep)....

See, basically, in this dream, I was a 1700's American soldier standing watch in a high tower that served as a defensive lookout for a strong fortification on the ground below. Inside this fortress there was some kind of classy party/ reunion going on. I just happened to be on duty and not allowed to attend. My job was to keep an eye out for the enemy and alert the revelers if danger showed it's head.

Strangely, in attendance at this part was a vast variety of people, most of different nationalities, some even enemies, but under a flag of truce, to attend whatever get-together this was. There were British soldiers in uniforms of blue (yeah, I know that's inaccurate), French in uniforms of green, Spanish in uniforms that were primarily yellow, Russian in red, French-English troops in a green and blue colored uniform, and so one down the list of available colors. I was, however, not supposed to let in any Russian rebels whose uniforms were red/black in color(s). If they showed up, a vicious battle was predicted....

.... I however, must have fallen asleep at my post up in that tower, becasue the last thing I recall, it was getting dark and I could no longer see much.... and then I awoke in my bed, strangely bemused -- very strangely bemused. The mind truely is a strange organ. Thinking back, the only thing I could get out of that dream is, I've gotta stop thinking about playing that boardgame "Risk"! Colored armies, strange parties, and being stuck on-duty up in a lookout tower. Either I really do have "Risk" on the brain, or I am seriously going insane! :)

Well, dreams, headaches, and sleep aside, my afternoon seemed to go rather fast. Thinking back, I kind of wish I hadn't slept so much, but I suppose one should never argue with the physical body when it says it is not feeling the greatest. I'm fine now, but my day off from work certainly didn't go as planned. ... Never does it seems. Oh well.

I had an afternoon meeting with an individual regarding a business opportunity, though perhaps I shall write more about that on Friday when I am thinking upon the offer again. Perhaps some of you may have some suggestions to offer me aid in my decision.... But that's Friday.... this is Wednesday's post. Today, I'm just reflecting upon the peculiarities of a very unusual day... :)

... Very strange day indeed. At least I can't say nothing out of the norm never happens. It just seems to happen when I least expect it. Ah, but I suppose that's what makes life so interesting, right?.... :)

Take care all. I'll write again shortly....

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Tuesday, October 08, 2002

"Exhausted I am... Yes, sleep I must."

Well, It's Tuesday evening, but unfortunately, no late night for me, I am, quite honestly, dead tired. My appologies to anyone who might have been interested in chatting this evening, I'll try to make it up to you.... Can I get a rain-check until Wednesday night? I think I'm really going to need it.... [sigh]...

Oh, well, such is life sometimes, right?...

God's blessings all, and I'll post tomarrow, bright-eyed and cheery. No, really, I promise. :)

Your tired, sleepy, yet enthusiastic blogging friend,

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Monday, October 07, 2002

"Prepare for a cool new week..."

I don't think I'll be able to write anything after work this evening, but we'll see...

As is just so happens I am scheduled to work until 10pm tonight (which means I'll probably be home a little after 11pm). However, I'm going to have to be up early for the morning shift tomarrow. In other words, unless I am not as tired as I have been after work lately, I'll probably grab something to eat and head straight to bed. The nice thing, though, about working 9am-4pm Tuesday, is that I'll be home in time for a normal dinner at a normal time, and I'll actually be able to watch the new episode of Smallville, which I am rather eager to see! :)

Since I don't work on Wednesday, I'll probably be up into the evening on Tuesday, so, if you wish to chat, I might be on. Also, if you visit the index page of, you'll see noted that there is some cool new stuff coming to this site later this week. You'll probably start seeing some of that on Wednesday, and probably more later on Saturday, so stay tuned. You may find some of it of particular interest, courtesy of my interest in the internet, literature, films, and in sharing a little bit more of me with you. ... [smile]

So, there's a new week upon us, and it should be a good one (... and I'm optimisitc about it all, which is what really matters, right?). So, stay tuned. I hope all is well with you, and, until I can write again, God's blessings! Have a wonderful Monday and Tuesday I'll see you here on Tuesday night.

Your friendly blogging friend,

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Sunday, October 06, 2002

"Sunday Ruminations"

This is sad, I was unable to attend church today, primarily due to my weekend work schedule, and a little bit reflecting how that affected my time to get things taken care of. I really want to be able to attend church every Sunday. I feel kind of wrong not giving that time to worshiping the Lord in Christian fellowship. Bad Jon.... but I guess I'm not entirely to blame.

Normally, I have Saturday off, but, I agreed to help out a co-worker and cover a few hours for her yesterday. It was helpful for her, good for my paycheck, but kind of screwed up the schedule I've been getting used to. All during work yesterday I kept thinking it was Sunday evening. I usually work Sunday evenings. Today though, is really Sunday, and I work. I'm all confused. ... [chuckle]....

... I've already caught myself thinking of today as Monday.... [sighs]

I think I'm going to have to actually consider more strongly putting in a request to remove my availablity for work on Saturday and Sunday. Usually, Wednesday and Saturday are my days off. I appreciate that, but this working Sunday is causing me more and more concern and a bit of conflict with each passing week. Yeah, maybe it's partly just personal preference, but I think I'd rather have my weekends free and worry about the other days on the job.... you know, like a normal work week. [smile]

Having the weekend off also means I can have a social life and can visit friends still on campus without having to worry about getting too much in the way of their class/study schedules. Besides, I think there is merit to having two consecutive days off rather than one here and the other there. Again, it's probably more of a personal preference thing to be honest, but I suppose the time has come to actually see if I can have this adjustment in my work schedule.

I'm finding too that as much as I love my job at Barnes and Noble, especially the fact that I am now working pretty much full-time hours there, I question if the pay that I am making there (even with full-time hours) is going to be enough to cover my bills and such. Honestly, right now I'm getting $6.50/hour. My financial estimations thus far show me just barely making ends meet each month.... Probably not good. Hey, I do have to consider my old college tuition loans (a killer, or so it seems), my monthly rent, and then weekly bus fare, groceries, and a small entertainment budget. That pretty much kills a savings account....

... So, I think, I'm going to dive back into the resume world and see what I can find. I've always considered Barnes and Noble as a temporary place of employment. It serves well at the moment, but if I only get payed what I am now (even with a fifty cent raise in two months), I can't stay there too much longer. ... I hate saying that though becasue I genuinely do love working there, It just doesn't really pay a lot... You gotta do what you gotta do right?....

.... Besides I am so yearning to get the chance to kickstart my acting career.

Oh, well, we'll have to see what happens in the next few weeks. I'm sure I'll have a lot to consider as I work, get payed from my Barnes and Noble paycheck, and look for something that pays more, either instead of B&N, or alongside it. ... [sigh]

Well, that's all from my humble keyboard for now. I've gotta start thinking about heading out to work today. Have a blessed Sunday, and until later, much love from me.


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Saturday, October 05, 2002

"A brief Saturday hello."

Well, it's Saturday afternoon now. Normally this would be my second of two days off this week. Today however, I'm picking up a few extra hours to cover for a co-worker who has a wedding or some such event to go to. I'll only be working four hours, but I can always use the extra $25. I figure, 3:30-7:30pm is fair, and if I can help someone else out in the process as well, that works for me. :)

There really isn't a whole lot by way of new stuff happening in the world of Jon yet. This past week has pretty much been work, work, work. I'll probably write some more musing-type stuff later on after I get back this evening, but for the most part, right now anyway, there is a lull to anything all that exciting. I think there'll be a little more by way of interesting stuff later this coming week though, so don't lose hope. I can't always be having loads of fun, right? ... [sarcastic chuckle]

Have a great day today, and of course a wonderful weekend as well. I'll write again tonight. God Bless.


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Thursday, October 03, 2002

"Quotes: Courage, Persistance, and Faith"

"Courage does not always roar. Sometimes courage is the small quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomarrow." - Author Unknown

"In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity." - Albert Einstein

The truth is, thus far today, my Thursday seems to be affording me a good deal of depressing news. As such, I am forced to think harder for ideas of ways to solve a few dilemmas, and bounce back.

It's kind of interesting how this all works though. Some of my news today (three separate issues that hit me all within a few hours of each other) is less than encouraging and has me feeling quite bummed out. There is that part of me that is saying, 'Jon, you're screwed. What solutions do you have now?' Yet, there is that other part of me -- the part that has learned from acting that there are ups and downs to everything -- that knows that the key to success is realizing and accepting that even if you may be down, trampled upon, and digging your head out of the dirt, you still gotta bouce back up and keep right on plowing headfirst into the frey.

I may be feeling down 'with my face in the dirt' today, but you know what, tomarrow is another day, and I'll resign myself to following that small quiet voice and say, "I will try again tomarrow."

Yeah, maybe some of this news today seems to indicate, that, despite my efforts, I'll be taking the harder road in life right now. I guess 'that which does not kill you does make you stronger', and persistance and dedication never really do fail you. Think about it. People may think there is a point when you're down and you have to realize it's time to give up. Giving up, is not courage. Courage strives on, even in the face of seemingly enormous odds.

But, you want to know a secret though that keeps me going? .... My faith. Yep. Being born and raised in a strong Christian home does impress certain things upon you... And the truth is, I just have to rely even more on the belief in my Christian faith which tells me, "the Lord will never give us more than we can handle, and no matter how depressing a situation is, there is ALWAYS a way to stand up under it."

Amazing thing, this concept of faith. ... Very illogical, but yet very powerful in its truth and simplicity. If you take the time to find courage, persistance, and faith, trust me, life takes on a whole new meaning.

Have a blessed day, and, if you do happen to be facing a similiar mindset as I am today, remember, it seriously isn't as bad as you think, if only you allow yourself to have faith beyond yourself.


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Wednesday, October 02, 2002

"Chicken Soup and Idiot Guides."

Did you know that there are 'Chicken Soup for the Soul" books for pretty much every kind of person out there, as well as those familiar "Guides for Idiots" everywhere you look, ... and for nearly every kind of topic imaginable?

Yeah, it's almost rediculous if you ask me. I was ranging about the store (Barnes and Noble) yesterday while at work, and had to chuckle.... "The Idiots Guide to playing the Guitar", ... "The Idiots Guide to Cooking".... "The Idiots Guide to Sex"... Either the world is full of a whole heck of a lot of 'idiots' or someone is making a sizable fortune from these books. Interesting thought to ponder isn't it? ... [smile]

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Tuesday, October 01, 2002

"Time flies... a little too fast sometimes."

It's funny how fast time can get away from you. It's already Tuesday. Yeah, I know that seems like it's still early in the week, but the truth is, time is getting away from me so fast lately, I'm struggling to keep up. It still kind of feels like the end of last week. ... Bah.

In about half an hour, I'm off to catch a slightly early bus to work. I'd rather be there half an hour early than get there three minutes before I start. I hate cutting things that close. Oh, well, I guess it'll give me time to read, for fun, in Barnes and Noble, before I have to 'man my post' as usual. ... [chuckles]

I don't work tomarrow. Wednesday is my day off this week. Normally, so is Saturday, but I may just be picking up a few hours to help out a co-worker who wants to attend a wedding. I figure, what's four more hours on Saturday, right?.... Pretty much $25 more bucks take-home pay. I can always use the extra cash.

I'll be getting home from work this evening late, probably after midnight. I'll write some more interesting musings here either then or defintely Wednesday. I've got some interesting things worth discussing, and some of you may enjoy reading them. We'll see. ... So, until at least a mere 8-10 hours from now (unless after I get back and eat a belated 'dinner', I go to sleep, whereupon it'll add about eight hours....), I'll leave the anticipation (if anyone out there possesses any...) until then! ... [grins]

Take care all, and I'll 'see you' on the marrow.


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